Thursday, September 15, 2005

Well so it's been 2 months since I wrote in here....

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I finally made it to Tiff's~! we left for the beach the next day...(6/7)

it rained the entire way from nashville to Raleigh....there were like tornadoes all day and crap...this is just ONE of the wrecks I passed...

the was the best pic i could get while driving....some creek in VA

part og my roadtrip...this was right after i entered Virginia on the wat to Tiffany's :)

I'm so glad I got to see Josh last week...he's wacky hehe

josh looks like a little boy lol

my newly highlighted hair...i like it :-)

we got it goin on with gross makeup and glasses haha (beginning of july)

i had fun with the makeup hahahha!!! how gross that...(the highlights are sittin in my hurrrrr)

hehe we made a mohawk while we colored my hair hahaha...sarah is my hairdresser :-)

my hair before we highlighted it....(sometime in the beginning of july)

my eyebrows look wack from swimming....quite wack... (7/1-ish)

At Sarah's neighborhood pool... :-) holla (7/1ish...) was a very gloomy Sunday afternoon

omgod what is wrong with my brother.....(7/1-ish)

we're 2 abnormal kids....what can i say?? i think our mom came in a little after this and yelled at us for being up too late hahaha..(7/1-ish)

Bryan was home for the weekend.....he doesn't always look weird like (7/1-ish)

look at the sign that says "please keep hands off glass"...and then look at the kid's hands... (6/19 at Aquarium)

that donkey is adorbable

the seahorses are kissing heheh...this was kinda embarrassing because me and sarah's waiter walked up while this was happening lol (6/19)

someone hug me (6/19)

me and my new wristband thing.....(6/19)

the fishies at the aquarium on 6/19/05

the best license plate EVER

sarah's turn to wash...

washing the car...

the back of my car :-) it has personality lol

my wonderful car....before being washed...with Sarah sitting in it

Long time no type

i know i's ben a month since i've written in here...but there's nothing to write about...well there has been stuff but i haven't felt like writing...hmm last week i went to the beach with tiffany and swygert, and I saw Josh,Kenon, and Turley while on my trip :-) yay...the beach was super fun...and haha i went clubbin at Graham Central a few nights ago with some girls from times...well i'll just put up some pics...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Annnnnd tonight we shall sleep at my house :-)

walmart stickers from tonight!

UTENSILS!!! (excuse the double chin....i'm just so excited...not)

i love this picture

me and sarah went to cracker barrel tonight....she's so excited, she's pulling on her ear..

drinking wax isn't so healthy


look at her...she can't get enough

ah yes, drinking the cup of salsa (except not really) at sarah's last night

wow sarah's a pig.....haha j/k

aww me happy (and extremely bored)

yo wassup

i'm holding up one of those space claws, if you can't find it, LOOK HARDER j/k :-)

i was only blow drying the air for the camera 2 am

Aww me sad, someone should hug me

mmm Renee loves her catfish (in my opinion, catfish is bleh)

this is what I do at Friends

Me and Renee went to Cracker Barrel on Wednesday night and Brittnye served us :-)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Elisabeth in the break room trying to fit her butt in a high chair...not gonna work, babe....haha this girl makes my day

Holly and Hilda at work...haha

I was late to church so I sat in the lobby takin weird pictures...

hmm....shall I concentrate on the road ?