Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Adam's uhhh REALLY COOL'd have to see the front of them to understand Posted by Hello

Renee got attacked my a stick between her toes and it was bleeding....Barnes and Noble bathroom.....yeah baby Posted by Hello

me coming out of the Garden Ridge jungle Posted by Hello

Renee Garden Ridge in Little Rock haha Posted by Hello

Little Rock

It's early....we have internet in the hotel room and i have a laptop woot....we're in Little Rock right here yesterday around 6:30 and let me tell ya...Arkansas is the freakin flattest thing I've ever seen......but we were driving into the sunset and it was really pretty....i read 4 chapters of The Guardian (till it got dark....), and we watched Napolean Dynamite and part of Spiderman 2.....Napolean Dynamite is like the stupidest movie ever made but it's HILARIOUS....uhh me Megan and Renee went to On the Border to eat and it wasn't that great of food i didn't thing......but while we were waiting for a table, we went to Garden Ridge and took some pretty stupid pictures with my camera....then we went to Barnes and Noble and i go 3 more books....then we came back to the hotel and me and Renee went to Michael and Adam's room and hung out...then Renee left and I was left in there with them....and they mooned was really funny....yeah......then i came back to the room and fell asleep on the couch......and now i'mup.....and we're driving to Dallas in an hour.....long drive......

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

bored again.. Posted by Hello

Uh i was bored at my grandma's.... Posted by Hello

Look! It's Sarah and Sarah!  Posted by Hello

Me and Bryan getting ready to sing in the chior at Nanny's church haha aren't we DARLING?? Posted by Hello

I don't wanna go..

I have to go to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl in an hour and 45 minutes....i really don't wanna go....but i'm guessing it will be more fun than i'm making it out to be....7 days with the absolutely wonderful ::sarcasm intended:: Pride of the freakin Southland....i like the people....but i'm just sick of band right now....but i hear we get lots of meal money on these trips....and you're advised to eat cheap and spend the rest on STUFF lol....

i wanna be at winter camp in Gatlinburg right now with the youth group...yeah yeah i know i'm in college i'm not in the group anymore, but i could have gone if i wanted to and alot of my friends are still down there...but maybe in a few years after all this bowl trip business, i can be a chaperone...Stephen said i could next year but we'll prolly have a bowl game ARG why does ut have a good football team???? lol ok....i'm done i have to go finish packing...and if you're my friend you better call me, you hoes :) j/k


Monday, December 27, 2004

Merry uhh 2 days after Christmas…we’re heading home today…I just wish I was gonna be in town long enough to see my friends before going to Dallas…hmm I dunno…..but aight, we had Christmas at this grandma’s house on Christmas night and it was cool…I got a bunch of UT stuff---figures….and my g-ma gave bryan toilet paper…yeah…(that’s not all she got him but yano lol)….for some reason I went to bed at like 9 o clock and before I went to sleep I called everyone and told them Merry Christmas…Sarah and Jessie had called me earlier and sang to me haha and they were together at Sarah’s house…I wish I was with my friends on Christmas…and I think Renee called me at some point, but I called everyone that hadn’t called me then went to sleep…church was yesterday morning….ok my g-ma’s church is this incredibly small country church where yano everybody knows everybody and everyone has gone there their entire lives and they never seem to leave…but me and Bryan sing in the choir every time we’re here and now they have robes!! Hahaha I thought it was funny….but yeah…Jessica, Ross, and Braxton were there…we’ve known Jessica and Braxton since we were born practically….like they’re in the pictures of my FIRST birthday party lol…and Ross..uh I think he started going there 4 or 5 years ago, but It was cool seeing…Jessica is majoring in pharmacy, Braxton in chemical engineering, and ross in youth ministry….I dunno why I just told you all of that but oh well….uh as I was about to walk out the door around noon, Doug called…it was strange for him to call at that time, but it made me happy…he was bored at work…usual story lol…we came back to the house and my uncle and aunt had already gotten here and we had Sunday lunch…yano….turkey, potatoes…everything Southern you could think of…then I watched some football with the MEN ha and read The Notebook…’s a good book..I’m almost done with it…but yeah Peyton Manning broke Dan Marino’s record and the Colts won in overtime lol……….basically all I did for the rest of the day was sleep and read and yeah…and now I’m up way too early today…3 people wanna be my friend on face yay!!!! Ha I’m such a loser…I WANNA GO HOME………AND STAY THERE


Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!!! Gosh, I can’t believe Christmas is gonna be over like after today L makes me sad….well that, among other things we’re gonna be at my other grandma’s house is Johnson City later…I feel more comfortable at her house with my uncle and aunt and stuff than in D.C….they are northerners there…horrible sense of humor, and they just look at you like you’re crazy if you crack a stupid joke or something….I dunno…I can’t stand it…anywho yeah…Holly and Sam have called me so far to tell me merry Christmas and Sarah texted me at like 2am lol..I’m surprised she was up…but yeah…we were Catholic for a day yesterday lol…we went to Christmas Eve Mass and gosh it was booring…..and I wasn’t in the mood for my mother, either. I’m getting so sick of her….sounds bad, but it’s true…I just wanna go back to school and get away from her…after mass, we went to the mountain (the mountain my cousins live on top of---in the middle of freaking nowhere)….everybody ate pie, except for me,and everyone was happy to be there, except for me…my mom was yet again pissing me the freak off…I dunno the past 2 days have been really tough and I haven’t been in a mood to do anything….Grey dying has just put things into a lull…Bryan is having a really hard time, and whenever I see him cry (which he’s been doing a lot of, poor guy), I cry…poor guy….I feel so bad for him. She was too young to die…

I bought 3 Nicholas Sparks books yesterday with the 50 bucks my g-ma gave me and I’m already half way through “The Notebook”….good book…I’m proud of myself for reading tho lol…I also got 2 dvd’s for 12 bucks (like 6 bucks each)…Selena and How To Deal….I always like watching Selena on VH1, so I figured why not buy it?? Lol Well I’m out…I’m gonna read or call somebody…


Friday, December 24, 2004

Yesterday was a good and bad day. I got to see my cousins, Clare and Teresa..they’re really cool. Teresa is playing guitar now and so her and Bryan were uhhh rockin it out if you wanna call it that lol But I felt bad cuz I wasn’t in the mood for ANYTHING….I just wanted to sleep…..this all started when I found out that Grey, my brother’s ex-girlfriend died yesterday. She’s in a better place now, though. She’s not in pain anymore…she had leukemia for those of you who didn’t know. It seemed as if Bryan didn’t care at all at first, but then last night when I was getting ready for bed, he came in bawling his eyes out. It hurts me to see my brother so hurt. It was a year ago when they were together and he wanted to marry her…and she was sposed to die then, but I remember having the worst weekend of my life last February because of the situation. Grey was a wonderful girl. She brought our family closer together (atleast Bryan and I) and I am thankful to her for that. It’s just weird because had become used to the situation of “well, Grey’s gonna die here soon….”, but every time that was said, she just lived even longer. It seemed as if she would never die, it seemed like she would get better. But yeah…I dunno dude…just makes you re rethink your life. Kinda like that Tim McGraw song “Live Like You Were Dying”…but yeah…just pray for her family and for my brother, cuz he’s taking it really rough right now.

Today my grandma is sposed to take us shopping I guess. She was talking about there being a strip mall with Borders, Kohls, Old Navy, and Bed Bath and Beyond…talk about heaven lol…
I started reading one of the books Bryan gave me for Christmas last night…it’s called “Single and loving it.” Gay? Yeah, kinda, But I dunno, I need to read a book. I haven’t done that since senior year pretty much. Sad? Yes….but I’ll tell ya..this whole ‘needing to read’ thing started after seeing National Treasure with Doug and Riney last week. After the movie, we stood in the parking lot talking about books for like 20 minutes while I just kinda sat there and Doug and Riney made me feel stupid and sooo unintellectual or whatever…so yea….those boys are the root of me wanting to read. Plus the fact that I’m bored and need to be somewhat intellectual on occasion, right?? Hmm yeah…I’m out…


Thursday, December 23, 2004

I’m at my grandma’s house in the Washington D.C. area and well I definitely can’t sleep….I fell asleep at like 10:30 and sumin woke me up now…

We left Nashville at like 7:30 this morning and the fights got started before we even got out of the neighborhood….my dad put my grandma’s 40 year old hat box in a place that “IT COULD BE RUINED!”---according to my mother in a loud screaming voice…and yes, the hat box was torn up…whoops…then I got obsessed with my digital camera and figured out how to transfer pics from the camera to my laptop…and well yeah….it was fun…watching the videos I made was the coolest thing cuz they take up the whole screen on my laptop woot! I fell asleep at some point like 20 minutes from Knoxville and woke up uhh…an hour out of Roanoke…so that means I slept for…::thinking:: 3 hours…that’s not much compared to my usual, but ooh I slept again and for like 4 hours HA….well we finally got here and my grandma’s new place is freakin awesome…it has 3 floors and it’s just really awesome…I have my own room here (which I’m in right now…) which means, I can get on this thing, and talk on my phone, and listen to my music and noone can hear me! Yay!…(well maybe Bryan can hear something….he’s like 25 feet down the hall)…but after we got here, she gave us a tour (she has a piano!) and then we ate lasagna for dinner and ice cream for dessert and it was uhhh fun I guess….but I’m excited cuz I get to see my cousins tomorrow! Clare and Teresa…Clare is a junior and Teresa is a freshman (both in high school), and then Uncle Larry and Aunt Carol are awesome…Apparently Larry is some sort of Catholic priest so we’re going to his Christmas Eve Mass…I’m excited…I’m sure Renee will be very happy I went when I tell her lol…she’s been trying to get me to go to UT’s mass and I’m just too lazy…but yeah…aight I’m gonna one of the books Bryan gave me for Christmas for a while then go back to sleep…woot


Wednesday, December 22, 2004 accomplished day

so in roughly 2 hours, i'll be in the car with my whole family driving to Washington plan is to sleep the whole way to avoid all yelling and disagreements...good plan?? yes......

so today has def. been the most productive day i've had since i've been home.....i got up at EIGHT FREAKIN O CLOCK.......and showered and took my uniform to the dry cleaners by 9....then i did 4 loads of laundry, and got a new phone at verizon with my's the same exact phone....we just replaced yeah after that i went to Opry Mills---well, bible factory get my mom's christmas present and to pick up Sarah....we stayed around there for a while and talked to Doug, Mickey, and David and it was really fun...but I got Sarah and took her home and she gave me my present and i really liked it alot's really pretty.....then i came home for dinner, arguing, and a discussion of Catholics spawned from Bryan...oh happy Christmas dinner...(part of me wished the candles would fall over and burn the table...hmm lol)....but after like uhhh 2 hours, we finally opened presents!!! ooo! I got good stuff this year!...then Holly called the house and was upset and she wanted me to come i went over there for a while and played with my new toy!...then i left and got gas and drove to hermitage and chilled at Sarah's for like 20 minutes and played with my new toy and then went to Steak n Shake with was like a 25 minute was pathetic....there were like a bunch of Mt. Juliet kids in there trying to be pimp after a basketball so that was interesting...but we got a nice server so that was a plus...after we got done in there, we went to the parking lot and exchanged presents woot! and then i came home...and just kinda fell asleep in the chair until now...

Christmas present update:

Sarah: she made me a shadow box with our song in it and pictures and stuff and it's pretty!

Doug:a HUGE matte of Paris in the's gorgeous

Bryan:Aladdin dvd, and 3 devotional books (by the end of the semester i should have learned the power of prayer, how to be single and happy, and how to be a woman of God...haha i think Bryan went a lil crazy with those books...)

The Rents: Seasons 4, 6, 7, 8, and the finale of Friends, which means....MY COLLECTION IS COMPLETE AND UP TO DATE!!...some clothes, A DIGITAL CAMERA (my new toy....), and a bunch more little the Shania Twain Greatest Hits CD!! YAY I LOVE HER!

My digital camera rocks....i loooooove it!

Well I'll be back the 27th from the grandmother's ya'll bye

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

christmas rocks.....

So it's the 21st...which means 4 days until Christmas...I'm hoping my dad bought me that digital camera i wanted but who knows...all I know is that I've been home for break for like 10 days or so and I can't wait to get back to UT...this house is driving me insane...i'm back to being my bitter self all the time at home (well only when my rents are home) because all the rents do is criticize everything I look at, pick up, wrap, wear, say....and then they wonder why I'm never home when they are...they wonder why I haven't come home till midnight or later most of the nights I've been here...but I also wish I could stay here (well in Nashville) so I could be with my friends...I love seeing everybody again, and while it seems like I've lost a few good friends, I know I'm atleast gaining one new one...(she has blonde hair and her last name is the opposite of black haha)...but anywho, enough whining about what i call my sucky life (it doesn't really suck...i'm just ranting...)

so most of break I've just been hanging out with Sarah, Doug, Jessie, Holly, Elizabeth, Craig, Jennifer, and Riney a couple times...I'm lovin break...I don't want it to end :( I've been to Opry Mills like 10, 000's amazing...i live like 25 minutes away from it but i still feel inclined to go all the time...hmm...

on Friday, I took a mini road trip and Sarah, Jen, and I went to Knoxville to see Sam's church musical thing and it was was in the UT- Basketball arena and it was just AMAZERING...i loved was good to see Sam and Brent too...I've missed some Knoxville faces...but haha get this, while I was giving Sarah and Jen the tour of the campus, I passed Alex Cantrell in my car, which was weird b/c hardly anyone is on campus right now, but he had a gig or something that night, so we talked to him in the music building parking lot for a while then ate at Oscar's and it was really fun...but yeah, hmm...

Saturday night, there was the college sunday school party ( a progressive dinner type thing)....after it, Jessie, Sarah, Bethany, and I went to Opryland to see the lights and gaah everything is so B-E-A-utiful there...we eventually lost Bethany and Jessie tho, so it ended up just being me, Sarah, Mickey, and David, and we went and layed under the huge tree with the lights going up and it felt like you were going backwards in a tunnel....i was really cool...and it was frreeeezing outside....but when we were walking back towards Opry Mills to the cars, I saw Merry Hindman (i haven't seen her since graduation '03...), Devin Maddox (i haven't seen hime since 6TH GRADE), and Lauren McBride. It was weird seeing all those people in within like 100 feet at 12:30 am....and then when me and Sarah pulled in my driveway, a car pulled in behind us, scaring the living CRAP out of me (i mean HELLO it's 1 am...why is someone following me??)...and of course..Keith gets out of the car laughing hysterically, and Leslie pops out of the other was great to see would think that since they both go to UT, I would see them more, but i dunno....we don't really hangout...speaking of Leslie...she's having her 3rd annual christmas sleepover thing and I can't go this year :(...i'm going outta town on wednesday and it's on thursday night...:(...i'm still gonna drop my ornament by tho lol....but anywho, so I got online when I came in the house and proceeded to make someone extremely mad at me for something I was confused about and don't even think I that's kinda been depressing me since Sat. night....

on Sunday, I went to church and it was fun and IT SNOWED....LIKE REAL it was FRREEZING out there lol....Sunday night was Yancy's concert at church and I had to get up and sing and "dance" in front of the church...uh yeah...i woulda normally been in the mood and woulda loved to do it but i was just out of it so it wasn't very fun...then, I went to Las Palmas with Holly, Craig, and ET and it was alotta fun....I love those people and that place....then I drove ET home and went to Holly's house to see her, holly, and her mom sat around talking for awhile and then i headed home..and got yelled at for whatever i didn't do right...after they went to bed, I called Sam and it nice to talk to him....and I talked to Jen for a while, which was cool...

today, I slept till 11, and got up and made Holly and ET's presents and then Doug called and wanted to eat lunch but i couldn't, but I was just happy he called, seeing that he's mad at me...i said "wait??? you're not mad at me anymore!! yay!" and he was like "just because I'm mad at you doesn't mean i'm not gonna hang out with you while you're here" and i was like CRAP MAN WHY U STILL MAD??? :( yeah...then I headed to my mom's school for a few minutes to help with her Christmas party, then went to ET's house and had present time with holly and craig and was fun....i ended up taking a nap and staying there till 8:30 and then went to Hermitage and hung out at Jen's house for a while, cuz i had an hour pr so to kill before I had more plans out there...and then those plans fell through and I went my ugggh family..but i got to watch like an hour of Friends tonight so the night wasn't a waste :)

Presents I've gotten so far:

Jessie: a really cool hot pink hand made scarf with a stiched "S" in it...she has one with a "J" and then she made Sarah one with an S we all have matching scarfs now! woot!

Holly: a HUGE Eeyore...I LOVE's so cuddly dude! and American Pie on dvd, cuz i had never seen it lol

Craig: Some Elmo slipper socks hahaha

ET: a orange headband thing (she said it's to stay warm and show my ut pride....haha), some really pretty earring and necklace, and then a GORGEOUS's like rainbow colors....i like it alot :)

Tomorrow we're having family christmas and I'm also sposed to get my presents from Sarah and Doug...

with that in mind...I'm out...

I Suck at This

I don't like this "do it yourself" template stuff...but screw that...the whole reason I started this back up is because the internet at my house sucks and won't let me post on Xanga...sadness :(

So I had a blog in like.....9th and 10th grade and got obsessed....i wonder if that'll happen again...