Monday, January 31, 2005

sam's hot facebook hot hot hot Posted by Hello

2 posts within 4 this morning at like 7 am i called my parents.....they stopped by 2 weekends ago because they were driving through knoxville, but i haven't talked to them since then so i felt bad for not calling at all so i figured they would be up getting ready for work this morning......but i talked to them for a while and then went to the music building (after searching for my left tennis shoe...i had to end up borrowing Lauren's shoes becasue i'm working out this afternoon....), and did some theory in the lobby while everyone was reading some article about drunken personalities in the school newspaper lol......they've had good articles lately....anywho.....then i went to music history and Tripp sat with me and preceded to take my phone and randomly dial up Michael miller (who i had to apologize to after class, for Tripp lol) but it definately smelled like sour milk in was gross......but we had an in class-journal today (they're unannounced so i'm glad i didn't skip class today....) and we had to analyze some piece that i hated....anywho.......then i went to theory and Sam came in and i told him how HOTTTTT his facebook picture is!! omgaaaaah! and he told me he went to West Knox News last night and i was like YOU WENT WITHOUT ME?? (a few months ago, we were gonna go but we just never did......), but yeah i had fun with Allie during class and got to talk to Sheridin. After, me and Sheridin walked back to Hess and it was nice to talk to her...i miss it....i dunno i never see her anymore (generally happens when people get boyfriends..) but she said she would go to the Lady Vols game tonight with me and Tiffany....i'm excited! i lovvvvve the basketball games, it's great to JUST be a fan in the student section...and not have to play in the you can scream mean things!! lol....but yeah., i'm watching the Price is Right and yelling the prices at the tv....gosh i haven't seen this show in forever, and now that we finally got our cable cord hooked up, i can watch something besides dvds.......anywho......i'm out........time for band.....(poo.....)

--John 6:20: "But he said to them,'It is I; don't be afraid.'"--

God is incredible...gosh...I wondered why I was looking for something to read this morning and that was the verse that popped up...and I sat back and listened to Him and things just came rushing to me, all of a sudden my mind was flooded with different things he was telling me. That is something I haven't experienced in a really long time, and I can't stop smiling! God's amazing!

--off to have a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

now with 2 of the dudes......(the one with the glasses looks kinda weird lol) Posted by Hello

renee, me, tiff, and ame with one of the dudes Posted by Hello

me and ame........ame looks psycho and i look possessed....HOT haha Posted by Hello

the dudes again..look at the lil horn dude!!! AWWW Posted by Hello

the dudes...during a piccolo trumpet solo Posted by Hello

it's Sunday afternoon, which means the weekend is practically over....arg i hate school i have like a TON of reading and practicing to last night was the Canadian Brass concert and it was freakin awesome and the lil horn player was sooo cute! i could just eat him with a spoon....i would give more details about yesterday but I DON'T REMEMBER...weird.....hmm oh and i MIGHT come home next weekend MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT....i dunno yet, it depends on how much stuff i have to yeah just lettin ya know....ok i'm off to studying.....after i post more pictures of course

Saturday, January 29, 2005

MASQUERADE!! (creepy, huh??...) Posted by Hello

josh was a little sleepy on the way to walmart... Posted by Hello

yo wassup...funny i go down to the laundry room this morning because i remembered i had some stuff in the dryers...2 loads...yeah and they were's my fault because io left them in there for a few abuncha my clothes are gone, including my sock and underwear load :( sadness i decided i would skip psych and stat this afternoon and go, thrift stores....but i ended up watching love actually and sleeping for 3 hours before i went and did tiff and josh went to to walmart and were there for forever, then we ate dinner at Sawyer's and went to the ghetto side of Knoxville to a thrift store and it was, very gay...i guess i'll go some other time :(...but i did get mickey mouse underwear (HA) aty walmart and reeeeallly cool socks and valentines and other stuff so it was a successful trip....but yeah it's 3 am and i just watched Message in a Bottle, now all i have to do is read the book...but i;m out, i wanna get up tomorrow and go work out MOTIVATION, SARAH, MOTIVATION

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hey yo i definately missed my 1st class today because i slept throgh my alarm clock...whoopsies, but i woke up at 12:18, right in time to run to the music building for my second class--solo class. But, today, Ron Romm, this awesome dude that plays trumpet gave a masterclass and he was incredible......but yeah, then there was horn ensemble. We read David Pegal's whole's really cool and we're 'world-premiering' it in February at The Southeast Horn Workshop in Raleigh, NC. I'm excited i guess. Ha but anywho, my lesson that i was supposed to have today was rescheduled cuz Calvin had something to do, so that was a relief. I took a nap, and then went with Tiffany to the men's basketball game. They played Kentucky and there was a ridiculous number of people there......we had to sit in the nosebleed section, that really sucked, but they had a HILARIOUS halftime show omgah......but yeah...came back and cleaned the dorm and did some homework and now i'm goin to bed night ya'll

Monday, January 24, 2005

Highlights of the day::

-went to the Lady Vols game with Renee, Tiffany, and Lauren.....and with help from the pep band, the following are the Kentucky players : "Cankles/Trunks", "Man--Cup Check!", "Hot!", "You can't catch the ball, you stupid ugly bitch that's not even an athlete"......(we beat Kentucky...)

-practiced for a whopping 30minutes

-took a 3 hour nap


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Holly and Craig just left....and i can't believe i'm up this early on a Sunday morning and i'm not going to yesterday was interesting....i cleaned and did homework and laundry all day and then my parents were driving through Knoxville to go back home from Washington D.C. and so they stopped here and came up and wanted to see my d.c. pictures and me and renee made like a mad dash to clean up in here, then as they were leaving, tiffany came up, so they got to meet her. Tiffany hung out with us while waiting for Holly and Craig to get here and they got here at like 6....then at 7, we all went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, Kenon was also working, so we got some free stuff...but it was really fun...i picked a song on the jukebox :) Then we went back to Tiffany's dorm and Ducky came down and apparently Ducky and Craig know each other....on our way out, we had to stop by Ducky's room and Keith lives across from him!!! i love keith!! i like freaked out when he walked out the door, cuz i haven't seen him in a while....i also saw Ben Oliver and yeah....i might hang out at Morrill some Tiffany said she would get chairs to put in her room. But then renee, holly, and craig went to get Kenon so he could get their stuff, and me tiff and ducky just went back to my dorm room to wait for the rest of them to get back....lauren came in and hung out a lil bit too....but yeah they played circle of death for a little while (no, i didn't drink lol) until yeah uh holly and craig....yeah....but i'm not gonna go into that....and to Renee, Tiff, Ducky, and Lauren....i'm so sorry.....i really am....and thanks for helping me and staying for a while and HELPING me lol that meant alot, since i was about to kill myself....but yeah....i'm out....gotta do homework, so i can go to the Lady Vols game this afternoon....bye ya'll

Saturday, January 22, 2005

renee is amazed by the crocodiles! ha Posted by Hello

dinosaur dude Posted by Hello

renee making a snow Posted by Hello

pulling the bison's tail hahahha Posted by Hello

the flag taken off the pentagon after 9/11 Posted by Hello

dorothy's slippers Posted by Hello

the old White House's gorgeous Posted by Hello

me and Kelly Posted by Hello

me and Sheridin right after the cold.... Posted by Hello

arlington cemetary Posted by Hello

we played telephone at got pretty perverted lol Posted by Hello

me and tiffany Posted by Hello

sheridin's special lol Posted by Hello

cori and aaron Posted by Hello

bryan eric and marshall at rainforest cafe in d.c....what is bryan doing?? lol Posted by Hello

back at ut...funky hats at renee and ame Posted by Hello

awww i love kaylynn! Posted by Hello