Saturday, January 29, 2005

yo wassup...funny i go down to the laundry room this morning because i remembered i had some stuff in the dryers...2 loads...yeah and they were's my fault because io left them in there for a few abuncha my clothes are gone, including my sock and underwear load :( sadness i decided i would skip psych and stat this afternoon and go, thrift stores....but i ended up watching love actually and sleeping for 3 hours before i went and did tiff and josh went to to walmart and were there for forever, then we ate dinner at Sawyer's and went to the ghetto side of Knoxville to a thrift store and it was, very gay...i guess i'll go some other time :(...but i did get mickey mouse underwear (HA) aty walmart and reeeeallly cool socks and valentines and other stuff so it was a successful trip....but yeah it's 3 am and i just watched Message in a Bottle, now all i have to do is read the book...but i;m out, i wanna get up tomorrow and go work out MOTIVATION, SARAH, MOTIVATION


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