Monday, February 28, 2005

Quizzes....haven't done these in like 2 years...

How to make a Sarah Poo
1 part anger
3 parts silliness
5 parts joy
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Serve with a slice of lovability and a pinch of salt. Yum!



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Sunday, February 27, 2005

*^*^To my best friends*^*^

You've got a way with words
You get me smiling even when it hurts
There's no way to measure what your love is worth
I can't believe the way you get through to me
-"You've Got a Way" -Shania Twain

i'll post about my trip home later....too much stuff to do (psych test tomorrow)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My life right now:

3)Napping because of lack of sleep
4)all of the above
5)all of the above repeatedover and over again...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

These past 2 weeks have been really crappy...i'm missing my best friends way too much for my own good....and it all came out of nowhere...i miss the things i did in Nash for fun (and still do when I go home)... I dunno there are so many people here, so why do I feel so lonely all the time....even when i'm with all my friends here....i still feel lonely....BLAH

good news though...

1)me and Sheridin have been talking alot lately, like we used to...i talked to her for about 2 hours after i left Waller's party on saturday night and it was good...really good...i just hope everything works out and she gets to go here next year

2)i finally talked to Josh yesterday..gave him a sum up of what's been going on....i've really needed him lately and i hope he's back

3)Sarah called me alot this week....::happiness::....I love that girl

Friday, February 18, 2005

Hey guys wassup...

so crappiest day in a while...well the 1st 1/2 of I get up at like 9:30, had some breakfast while watching 2 episodes of Dawson's Creek (i've now seen 3 epsiodes and i love that show...) and not taking a shower...i should have though, cuz i felt like crap and it would have helped......but yeah so i skipped ear training (to watch the 2nd episode of dawson's creek) and went down to the music building at noon and hung out in the coke lobby....then there was my woodwind quintet at 12:30 and i lacked any energy whatsoever so i sucked really bad and i dont' think our instructor was very happy with me...but i had no energy to do anything...then there was horn ensemble....we're playing a really cool piece in there that Josh is conducting and i really like's cool......but yeah from that point till like the end of the day was crap because one of my friends won't give me the time of day these last few days and it's confusing cuz i don't know what i after horn ensemble, i had a lesson and it was good for the most part i guess...then after that i took a shower and went to the Lady Vols game with Tiff (and sat in front of REBECCA THALER!!! ha it was nice to see her again) and that cheered me up...after the game i went to the music building and talked to people....i had intended to practice but i ended up hanging out with Michael for a good while....we played piano and sang to titanic haha and then played uhh improv christmas carols in the dark in the auditorium then went to starbucks and it was really funny...i saw marco coleman at starbucks...i haven't talked to him in a few years so it was good to see him...but yeah i got back to the room around 1 and watched Drumline with Renee till we fell asleep......**the room looks awesome by the way** **thanks renee lol**

so today... put my hair up, went to music history (wow i actually went lol) and did my theory in there woot....then went to was boring.....then practicied for a whole 25 minutes and went to the A&A and ate lunch with Annie and Jeff...then Jeff left so it was me and Annie and it was fun...then Patrick came over...then i stepped in a hole and got my shoe stuck...if you'd had been there, you woulda laughed really hard then there was band and these kids from Woodland Middle School in Brentwood came to watch us and aww they were so cute...they sat amongst us...they were adorable lol...after band, i went to the ear training lab to get some time in and everybody was in there so it was fun...then me and Daniel went to psychology (we've started the ritual of walking to the commuter lot to drive his car to another commuter lot that is "closer to class"...and i thought i was lazy lol....but he's really fun...nice company), called Doug back before psych started.....fell asleep during the video on sleep hahaha...went back to Daniel
s car, he drove me to Hess, and i've basically done nothing since then....oh i love fridays....stress free....holla....

**i gave way too many details in this entry, but hey, i'm bored**

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Get ready for a long post.....

Aighhtttt here we go...

So Friday, i skipped Psychology so i could get home when it was still daylight....and well Renee had used my car the night before and told me she'd parked it in Lake Avenus but she didn't tell me what level and she was in class so i couldn't find i walked down 6 levels looking for my car lol.......took 30 minutes was funny and i looked like an idiot and **almost died by getting hit by a car**...but anywho....i got into Nashville around 3:45 and picked up Sarah from her house and took her to Opry Mills to work then I went to McGavock and waited for Doug to get there because we were gonna play tennis but he was really late..

i went inside the school to change clothes and it kinda depressed me going in there....I have so many friends that go/went there and 1/2 of them graduated last year, and even though i didn't go to that school, it's just weird going in there thinking that they aren't there...and then thinking that after all my friends that go there graduate, I won't even have a reason to go to, now, during band season, i'll take Sarah to band and all the "alumni" are taking their siblings to band so i get to see everybody but after band season, there's pretty much no's just kinda depresses me knowing that we're all in college (well most of us) and those high school days will never be back... doug eventually got there and he helped me with a crossword lol then we played tennis...then uhhh stopped because umm i was testing his reflexes from like 6 feet away (stupid girl....) and he doesn't have good reflexes and didn't block the ball from hitting err...HIS balls.......awww i felt so bad!!!! we were still there 25 minutes later and he's still laying on the court and HE STILL WANTS TO GO TO THE MALL.....weirdo...he couldn't even walk lol....oh dude i felt so we walk (well very slow limps hahah)...yeah we ate at the food court and i finally got to laugh at the situation hehehehe...then we went by BFO to get his check and then we went to the movie theater and saw Hitch and Jennifer met us was a great movie dude...after the movie, we went to Steak n Shake and Bennie came....that was uhhh a special situation....the waitress was awesome though...after that Jen and Bennie left and me and Doug went to Walmart to look for Carrie something for Valentine's Day and i had to get some stuff too...and Doug got me the Kelly Clarkson cd for V-day, and yeah i'm listening to it right now and i listened to it all the way back to Knoxville lol..i like my prezie :) after walmart i went home.....

Saturday, i slept till 11 and woke up to my brother being stupid and went downstairs and talked to the fam for a while...nd from 3-4:30 i talked to like 6 people but never actually hung up the phone, cuz they were calling in and so i would just say bye to one person and then click over and talk to the person that had called that night was a very interesting night...

I met Doug and Jessie at church at like 6 (the other Jesse from BFO was sposed to come but he couldn't)...and i rode with Doug and Jessie followed us to Belmont, where we went to an Urban Showcase...hahah it was really funny, but there was on group that I really liked...after it was over I saw Andre and Brianna...people i went to middle school with....well Andre, i've known him since kindergarten lol....but they both go to, Jess, and Doug went to Satco on 21st after the showcase and it was yummy and there, i saw Devin Maddox, who also goes to Belmont (i saw him over winter break at opryland too)....yeah and doug and jess attacked me with rice and chips :( we left there a while later and walked around Nashville (just a few avenues....) and it was fun....i really like the college atmosphere that downtown Nash around Vandy....cus there's like 3 colleges right there....but i had alotta fun....then we drove back to Donelson and that's when interesting stuff started happening....

Sarah did something, i yelled at her, we got in a fight, and me jess and doug just hung out in the parking lot of the church...i cried....they were basically calling me stupid for putting up with crap....yeah oh well....i still went to Sarah's to spend the night and we got to really talk for the 1st time in a while....but it really sucks when 2 of my very best friends hate each other (they used to get along....crap happens though).....Doug is sick of Sarah's crap and vice versa and i love them both but i feel like i'm stuck in the middle sometimes....

So the next day, we woke up and went to church (late yet again lol) and it was True Love Waits was sad because it's for the youth and for 6 years i lit a candle and participated in it and this was the 1st year i couldn't....but i think that was one reason it was a really emotional service....also i was looking around the youth group listing people in my head who used to be good friends of mine...everyone has's stupid and it sucks...why can people not realize that you can be your own person and you don't have to be freakin popular and seems that's all some of the people want to be....high school will end and it will never matter ever again, not that it even mattered to begin with, who you hung out with in high school...noone your own person....

The 2 people that I miss the most that it seems like have just dropped out of my life completely are Holly O. and Carrie...i just hate it because the last 2 years of high school were the best years...i have so many memories and when i think about them it just hurts....those people aren't really my friends anymore and it's weird because this past summer, they were.....maybe i've changed...agh...i haven't changed that much though...i'm still Sarah...and also Holly H. and Elizabeth..I still talk to Holly, we're still very good friends, but the last time i talked to Elizabeth was like 2 or 3 weeks ago and she's online all the time and i don't want to talk to her after what happened...(elizabeth if you read this, no it wasn't about that comment you left, it was you ridiculing me after that...)...but yeah so to sum everything up....I've lost Carrie, Holly O., Chad, Keyser, Elizabeth..these people used to mean the world to me.....and there's more that I've lost, but the ones I still have are Sarah, Doug, Jessie, Jennifer, Holly H....i miss everyone...this sucks....

So yeah....after church, Sarah came to eat with my family at Ruby Tuesday's and it was yummy...then we went home and i packed and left my house and took her home and it was the hardest it's been in a while...i wish she could come back with me :( lol...and I wouldn't let Doug go on Saturday night either....i love them so much :( but yeah....

so i drove back and got here and ate with Tiffany at the grill and we talked about the apartment and we aren't doing Shelbourne anymore because of her parents, so we're gonna try Andy Holt....anywho....yeah....we watched The Notebook Sunday night with renee, justin, and anne-marie, and as usual, everyone bawled liek a baby lol...

yesterday was Valentine's Day (err.. S.A.D ---Singles Awareness Day) and Josh got me a flower at the carnation sale in the music building!! aww it made me so happy....i finally got a flower :) but yeah then there were the little valentines people handed out throughout the day :) was a good day......except in band the horns got yelled at for uhh being we were just a lil excited lol

so last night was Josh and Alex's junior recital and i'm so proud of's finally over...and they did really well......haha they had red bowtie's and cummerbuns cuz of valentines day lol it was funny...after the recital, me and renee took josh out to dinner at Applebees and that's where alex's family had gone too so it was funny...but it was yummmmy...then we came back to campus and josh watched his recital on our vcr, because he doesn't have one......then he left and Anne-Marie got back from her date with her valentine and he had given her the cutest little bear that we named Fatty because it was holding chocolates lol but anywho....

gotta go to class agh..

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So the past 2 days have sucked (well parts of the day...not the whole day) turns out that me and renee won't be living together at all next year....we were gonna live with tiffany, but everything is confusing and complicated and i don't wanna talk about it on here, but in conclusion::: Me and Tiffany are gonna live in a 2-bedroom apt. at Shelbourne. It's real convenient....on campus....and we each get our own room and yay! we can have a cat too!! woot....My parents approved it and so i think that's what we're gonna be doing........

The other sucky thing happened on Monday in Theory.....Sheridin told me that's a high chance she won't be coming back next year (there are problems where she just can't go to school here...)....and so i got really sad and cried for the hour inbetween theory and band. That just sucks cuz there won't be a Slut #1 (inside joke.....) :'(

On the other hand,i've caught up on my sleep habits, for the most part and i've also been at the library the past 2 nights for hours.....go me....i study now....

OOO my high of like forever::::I was at the library last night and Bowman called me!!!!! It was so exciting! I couldn't talk to him, but i said i would call him back later, and I pulled a Doug last night and didn't call himback cuz i didn't feel like it and was too tired, but i'll call him back by the end of the week....anywho I guess it was so exciting because someone actually called me lol.......i mean the only person that calls me is Doug and I talk to him like 2 or 3 times a day lol it totally rocks:)and Tiff calls but she goes

anywho...gotta get ready for class and finish my apple and ??ice cream??.........interesting breakfast........

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Cori and Tiff at Kenon's

Me and Tiff at Vicki's (she turns purplish red when drunk...)

Michelle, Cori, Erin, and me....(Cori's TRASHED) ha

Kelly, ame, Swygert, erin, michelle, me and vicki at Kenon's

The beeramid Sam made at Vicki's (that Renee later knocked over)'s sunday afternoon.....i'm liking this's sunny and nice and i have the window open :)

Anywho so I got a 37/50 on my psychology test...that comes out to a 74%....i wish i got better, but oh well.....

So yesterday was alotta and Tiff went to the men's basketball game and it was fun...LSU had this HUGGGE dude he was sooo tall and his arms were huge.....he was just huge...not like fat, just huge.....but yeah the fans had some fun making fun of him whenever he was shooting free throws lol....

After the basketball game, me and Kelly Braxton went to Kenon's Party and I saw someone we really didn't wanna see so we decided we'd come back we went to Vicki's, where Renee, Tiff, AME, and others were pregaming....hahah i played flip cup with water hahah and it was really fun except my stomach hurt after a while from chugging that much lol......we then all ?12? of us headed to Kenon's and it was alotta of fun....i saw Bryant Petway there i was sooo excited to see him! he was lie "hey sarah!" and i didn't recognize him first but i was like whoooooa......but i couldn't talk to him for long cuz the cops were coming lol....but yeah then the cops came and everyone basically left and me, Kelly, Cori, these 2 guys visiting from Tech,and this guy Stewart (Cori's friend) went to Pita Pit...Pita pit with 4 drunk people is really funny....after that we went to Kelly's room and hung out then Tiff came over and chilled with me in my room, and left at like 4 am,but overall it was a really fun night :)

**P.S** Cori Warren is the funniest drunk I have ever seen!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

i'm HOT at 3 am

ame took a picture of some random dude in line...

ok ame looks pretty but i look gross and creepy


the architecture building calls this art....

yeah...i was bored and ame proposed i take a picture of myself

So it, obviously, turns out that we didn't go skiing...we're gonna go 2 weeks from now, on the me time to go home next weekend and get my ski pants, so i don't have to buy any....but anywho--

my Friday "high"::taking my Psychology test!!! i'm so proud of myself....i know i didn't fail, and that's quite an accomplishment for me lol.....i guess i'm just proud of myself for studying as much as i did...

my Friday "low"::seeing Calvin today....he "yelled" (he doesn't actually yell, but he does it in his own way, which is even worse) at me for missing horn ensemble's understandable but gah sorry i slept through the's not like i meant to....i had hardly had any sleep in the past few days cuz of aarg psych.....then he tells me that i "have to" be in a woodwind quintet, which meets from 12:40-1:55 on thursdays, definately my big long break on thursdays...(and also Days Of Our Lives time) :(......i really don't wanna do it,but it'll make me a better player...

so yeah after my psych test, i went to the music building and meant to practice, but i just talked to Josh and Jason for a while and then came back to the 5, me, ame, renee, and lauren went to Moe's (WELCOME TO MOE'S) haha it was my first time and it was alright.....very 'collegey' atmosphere....but i haven't had mexican in awhile so that was cool....and yeah i decided to catch up on my sleep so i went to bed at SEVEN (hey! i was tired as crap!)...haha but i was waking up like every 2 hours, which was no fun......

today, i guess i'll study some and go to the men's basketball game (if tiff wants to go..) at 7(or 6?) then Kenon's supposedly having a party, and his parties are awesome so yeah....

ooo sunday night, me, tiff, sheridin, and whoever else are probably goin to Cotton Eyed Joes (Sunday night is the big college night)...i'm excited it's gonna be a blast....

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Aight so I just got back from ear was a blast as usual....and lunch with adam renee and michael...that was interesting, michael was kinda pissing me off, i don't really know why though..oh well who cares?? because....

I'M GOING SKIING!! yep yep tomorrow night me and Andrew and gonna go to Gatlinburg and it's like really cheap or something from 6-10....i'm so excited.....i just hope i enjoy it more than i did last time (winter camp 3 years ago....)...but we're trying to find some other people to go, but dude i'm so excited! skiing! holla! yeah it's not the rocky mountains, but who cares....besides if i went to the rocky mountains i would die quickly....hmm......

aight...days of our lives, music history journal, and horn ensemble time.......


i figured out how to put music on here!!! yay!!! (and i love this song....)

i do a much better fish face than she does Posted by Hello

Dustin's hair is even hotter.... Posted by Hello

hot hair Posted by Hello

definately stole the Posted by Hello

me and Sheridin....i wish i had a T on my face... Posted by Hello

School spirit.... Posted by Hello

Dustin, Sheridin, Ben, and Kelly (i wasn't ready for the pictue....thanks andrew lol) Posted by Hello

Lady Vols game against Georgia Posted by Hello

Cheerleaders at the Lady Vols game the other day... Posted by Hello

Me gross without a shower at the grill......holla....ha Posted by Hello

Anne-Marie's gonna kill me for putting this on here...hahahaha Posted by Hello

Renee at the Grill--she was crying during Funniest Home Videos cuz she was laughing so hard lol Posted by Hello

Andrew at the Grill the other day...we watched America's Funniest Home Videos on that tv in the background and laughed our butts off haha Posted by Hello

my new stereo...see the 2 really cool lookin speakers?? i love it dude (and there's the beautiful Johnny Depp there on the wall...) Posted by Hello

it's 7:20 am and i'm still up....i cleaned up my side of the room a little bit so i can atleast 1/2 way stand being in here....and i'm bored and i'm sick of psychology so uhh....i guess i'll put some pictures up lol

So all the getting up early finally hit me today...after psychology, i went to the music building and practiced for a while and now i can some of my minor scales in my sleep (literally...) yeah i was falling asleep while i was playing so i thought i should take a nap so i went into the music lobby and talked ot Pamela and David and at some point fell asleep on the bench...i think i slept for like an hour or i woke up and still realized i needed sleep, but if i walked back to my dorm, i'd be too awake by the time i got back, so i went to the practice room with the couch in it and crashed for 2 1/2 hours, only to be woken up by Holly calling (not a bad thing)...but yeah it was nice to talk to her...i miss yeah i eventually woke up and cameback to Hess and was still really groggy by the time i got up here and i crashed for 4 1/2 more hours, waking up at 1130 goin "IS THAT PM OR AM??? CRRAP!" I'm glad it was pm i'm still up....Doug called at 1 am....that's strange,but oh well, it made me happy, so i talked to him for a while and then got online and me and tiffany were looking at some apartments. I really wanna live in Crossing Place or Knoxville Place, but Knoxville Place costs alot, BUT in Crossing Place, we can have a cat!!! It'd be so cool to have our own little kitty. But if i were to get an apartment, i'm not sure what i would do for the here and get a job and go to nashville every couple days?...i really don't wanna live at my house over the summer...i think i would kill my parents...i wanna get an apartment in Nashville, but it seems kinda pointless, and i could save money (while going insane with my mom being home all the time)....i guess i'll just need to get a job and work all the time lol.....but

anywho, now i'm studying for my psychology exam on Friday...i'm thinking it won't be that hard if i just study....

i still don't know if i'm gonna go home this weekend...i really miss everybody, but i dunno....i'll have to see everyone's work schedules and stuff...(i do need money from the rents though....that's a good incentive)....ok yeah i guess i'll go home...leave friday after psych, leave Sunday by 3...(gotta get back for the superbowl/the darn trumpet recital)...

ok........back to pscychology