Thursday, March 24, 2005


So....Tuesday night i ended up going Mika's grandma's house on 24th Ave. across the street from Vandy with her and Bowman. It was sooo cool! Her grandma has basically given Mika the house to rent out to whoever she wants to rent it out to and it has wooden floors, like 4 or 5 bedrooms, an attic, and a basement...and Mika isn't liveing there yet, so there's no furniture except for one bed, and the electricity hasn't been turned on yet, so we were in this old creepy house with flashlights and it was reallllllly cool....but kinda creepy cuz I had seen the Ring 2 the night before...but point of the story: I would love to live there over the summer...I want to get out of Antioch and it would be really cool to live downtown, but I have no money :(

Wednesday I did nothing all day....yano, the regular...get up, watch Dawson's Creek, do a little more of nothing, watch Days of Our LIves...practice a little bit....blah blah blah...but i left the house at like 4 and went to Opry Mills and got Sarah, then we shopped and got job applications and i totally saw Tina Wu at the food court....haven't seen her since freakin graduation so that was cool....after the mall, me and Sarah went to church and she danced and I played my horn...then we were outta there...we went to Kohl's and Jen met us there and omgosh it was sooo fun!!! We took REALLY funny pictures and I also spent more money on the Kohl's card...hmm I'm a bad daughter...after Kohl's, the 3 of us went downtown to Cafe Coco and met Renee (it was cool to see her in Nash lol) and Doug out there and it was alotta fun, but it was really smokey....people we saw: Jennifer Bennett, a girl that lives in Hess, and best of all, i saw ARTHUR!!!!! Man that made my night!!! Omgosh it was sooo awesome to see him!! I miss that little Bolivian boy hahaha!...So after Coco, Renee left and me, Jen, Doug, and Sarah went to the Hickory Hollow Steak n shake and sat there for forever and uhhh convinced Doug to spend the night with us...but he had to go home first...well it was 2:30 am at this point and me, Jen , and Sarah were sitting at my house thinking "Doug won't come....he's Doug" lol...but it turns out he got sick, but he had all his stuff packed and everything to come over so we were really surprised...well yeah he didn't come oh well haha....he wanted to do it tonight, but we'll see how that goes...

SO this morning, we woke up and I took Sarah to work and Jen to her house and I'm here waiting on Holly to get home!! She's on her way back from Chattanooga right now!! Yay!! I guess she'll be here when she gets here...ok well i'm out..heavy duty cleaning to do

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Break!

Yay! It's spring break....oh to be home....i love home....update time...

So i had to go to my g-ma's over the weekend and yeah it was pretty boring....i picked up branches and sticks up out of her yard...that was the highlight of my was pretty cool though...

So i got into Nashvegas sunday around 6...dropped my dad off at the house then went to Opry Mills to meet Sarah and Christy---we saw Ice Princess.....haha i actually liked it. After the movie, me and Sarah went and visited Carrie at her house and had alotta fun doin nothing...we just kinda caught up and stuff, and it sucks because Carrie is gone all week in a cabin with her for her after that, me and Sarah came back to her house and i crashed in her bed (the most comfy thing EVER)

Monday...we got up at like 9 and it was B-E-A-Utiful outside!! So we decided to go to Centennial Park downtown and feed the ducks, but we never get around to, Sarah, and Chad went to Satco on 21st (yummy!) and it was WONDERFUL to see Chad!! I don't ever hardly see him. After that, we went around the corner to Vanderbilt and tried to find Andrew Miller, but his phone was off, so we couldn't find him, so we just went on over to Belmont and visited Bowman, who was doing his biology lab....we learned about bacteria hahah fun...then we went to his dorm and met his roomate and his roomate's friend....they were from like michigan and minnesota and had these awesome accents...haha, then Bowman swooned us with the piano happens every time...gosh i remember like junior year going to his house and he'd play and i'd fall asleep on the couch petting his dog haha...anywho, we left there and took Chad home and then came back to Sarah's and watched Raise Your Voice...i bawled my eyes out!! it was soooo sad, but I have a whole new respect for Hilary Duff for pulling off that character...well Mickey came and watched it with us then we went to Opry Mills and I went and visted Doug at work, then the 4 of us (me, sarah, mick, and doug) went to see Ring 2...omgoshhh it was so scary!!! i couldn't even watch it...i was like covering up my face....but Jen was getting off work around the time where i wanted to leave the theater so she came and sat with me outside the theater and then she snuck in lol haha rebel Jen....after the movie, we all went to steak n shake...good times...then me and sarah went to my house and i passed out again, except in my bed this time...

woke up this morning, watched dawson's creek, then i brought Sarah home and we watched Princess Diaries 2(major hottie in that)...and now i'm about to head to Belmont and practice then eat with Doug then practice some more......aight i'm out

Monday, March 14, 2005

Holes in my hand

Mornin'!I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed at 6am and went to the track, ran a mile, then got bored of running in circles, so I decided to run around campus....ran in a huge the baseball field then Neyland stadium then around the Hill then up the Pedestrian walkway...alright so I wasn't running the WHOLE time....well part of that was because I fell on my face and put holes in my hand when I either lost my balance or twisted my ankle didn't feel so good and I felt like a huge dork...and now I'm at starbucks getting some caffeine, then back to Hess to take a shower...then class blah...

So i just checked my mail and found out I HAVE to play a solo on horn day....**never done that before,I think I'm gonna die...**

Sunday, March 13, 2005

That's The Plumb for ya

It's sunday afternoon and it's BEAUTIFUL outside...except I'm super hot because I have on a hoodie and I'm like walking around campus with pigtails, mmy sleeves rolled up and my sweatpants rolled up my knees with some polka dotted flip flops....that's The Plumb for ya....lookin like a dork...

So it's been a great weekend...Friday night, me, Tiff, and AME went out shopping for stuff (got some movies, cd's. FABRIC MUHAH), then we ate dinner at this Mexican Place in Cedar was yummy...except ame was being flirty wih the gross waiter eww...oh i got the 9th season of friends :) we got back and i watched some of Friends then went with Sheridin to Clement and hung out there for a couple was fun, i met some really cool new people and yeah....then me and Sheridin went to park and we parked next to the music building and decided to go play the piano at 2 am on a friday night....what dorks we are...but it was fun...then i made some of the purse that i'm making and went to sleep to Pirates of The Carribean...

Saturday i woke up at 3 pm....gah i'm so lazy...watched abuncha movies with Renee and ame...The Forgotten and Saw....Saw is just freaky messes with your mind...then I met Tiff at the grill for dinner and went back the dorm and got ready and Renee and Ame left to go to Old City to see Perfect Orange play, and me and Tiff just headed on down to New Amsterdam on the strip to see The Big Tease was their CD release party...eventually, ame, renee, sheridin, dustin, and kelly showed up and then yano the usual people that are at parties that i'm at were there and it was freakin awesome! there ended up being TONS of people we're talking 300 or 400...and we were in the front and there was a group of like 6 tall guys who wouldn't get out of they way and were confused with their sexuality, where they wanted to stand, and who they wanted to grind was very annoying....but the night still rocked and I bought a Big Tease hat :)...after that ended, me and ame went to krystals and yeah got food then went back to Hess and renee and tiff came up later and we had a good ole time...then tiff and ame left and i worked on my purse while talking to Doug through abotu 70 text messages on my phone since i have no computer and his throat hurt too much to talk :(

this morning....wake up call from Doug at noon...brunch with the was really fun today lol....and then i practiced for an hour...yeah

later i'm going to Kohl's holla

Friday, March 11, 2005


Your Seduction Style: The Natural
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Wow, I only wish people were falling for me haha

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R is for Radical
A is for Animated
H is for Helpful

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You named your cats Chandler and Phoebe
You have had dreams where you're the seventh Friend.
You *seriously* consider naming your future daughter Emma.
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You can't go one day without a Friends reference.
You are forever writing scripts for a Friends movie and sending them in (even if you have received several thousand rejection letters)
Your favourite words are - Doi, Yuh-hu and Nu-uh
You only ever buy magazines because they have something to do with FRIENDS in them
You get your hair cut like Jennifer Aniston's (even if it looks terrible on you)
You are able to perfectly re-enact every episode line-by-line
You are always refering to real life incidents as 'The One With......'
You have made a soundtrack out of all of Phoebe's songs and you listen to it all day long
You've taped every episode of FRIENDS since the very first one, and watch the tapes continually
You refuse to drink any beverage (especially coffee/tea) if it isn't served in one of the cups like the ones they have at Central Perk
You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Friends.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Green: bad news, Pink: good news

So my computer officially crashed. I took it to Aconda Court yersterday to see what was wrong and the lady did some tests and my hard drive was dying and there was other stuff wrong and they weren't going to be able to back up anything, so I was going to lose EVERYTHING I had on there. The pictures and videos are the worst part. That stuff is just sentimental, so with the combination of that news and not having slept at all STILL, we can all guess that I cried. Then I took my computer to Best Buy and payed 70 bucks to get them to TRY and back up my files, so I have some hope now. But after they back it up, they have to ship it off and I get a brand new hard drive and they're gonna fix everything thing else, so I don't have my laptop for 1 1/2 to 3 weeks :( Which means I have to check my mail and all the other crap that I do on my laptop in the libraries and occasionally on Renee's computer.

Also in other bad news, there was a possibility of atleast 5 people coming up to see me this week. 1)Holly and Craig last weekend 2)Doug and whoever he brought with him this weekend and 3)Andrew Miller and Bowman this weekend. I was so excited, and now none of them worked out. Well the thing with Miller and Bowman would have till I told them that the way they planned it was stupid lol So they're coming up April 9th instead. It was weird, Andrew calling me lol. I talk to him every now and then and I was talking to him 2 nights ago and we figured out that we haven't seen each other in 10 or 11 months. I think the last time he saw me, my hair was black. HA But I'm going to visit them both on my spring break, seeing that Bowman is at Belmont and Andrew is at Vanderbilt....

In good news, I have my room for next year. I got my huge Hess single. I can't wait....I'm gonna love it. And I'm gonna keep it clean!!! But yeah....K727, right next to the elevator and the bathroom whoopppeee...I will still get lonely sometimes, though, so I can always go to Andy Holt and stay with Renee, Tiff, and's an apartment, they'll have a comfy couch :) I plan on having a futon also, by the way lol. I certainly have the room :)

Home for Spring Break::: a week and 3 days ( I won't be in Nash till the monday, cuz I have to go to my g-ma's house that weekend :(....but that means I'll be in Nash for Easter :) )

P.S.---To Sarah, Carrie, Jessie, Jen, Holly, Kaylynn, and the rest of you girls::WE'RE HAVING A SLEEPOVER THAT WEEK haha....not that you guys even read this lol...and yano what, everything between everyone will be resolved (even though alot of it definately has been :) ) I just miss ya'll and hanging out with everyone together without boys, cuz they cause drama lol

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

F*ing mindgames and layers

I'm trying to figure out how I can appreciate someone so much one week, then utterly hate them the next week. I didn't do anything. I didn't change. Or wait, maybe their f*ing mindgames worked and I thought there was a friendship there (a very good one). I thought I had found someone up here that was like my best friend back home, but obviously not. I guess I never will. My day today was awesome (I haven't slept in over 24 hours either) was awesome. Then, them. How can one person....ONE PERSON....ruin everything good. I'm sick of trying. I wish I could reach that 3rd layer of them again. Background information:
1st layer: Nice goody goody, has to be nice to everyone.
2nd layer: Selfish, greedy, only cares about themselves. Oh dear God if someone messes up the image they think they have, mindgames.
3rd layer: This incredibly awesome person, who I wish would come back. Caring, listening, an amazing passion for God.

Well ladies and gentlemen, they are's that 2nd layer right now and I hate it. It's making me doubt myself, and one person shouldn't make that happen.

Just had to rant......but other than that it's been a good day.

**P.S. I'm not talking about anyone that reads this, so if you're thinking it's you, don't worry, it's not. All the rest of you make me happy :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No sleep.....

Today was very interesting......i didn't sleep any whatsoever last night.....procrastined way too much by watching Friends season 6 and Aladdin and talking to Renee (which is a good thing) and i took a shower at 6:30 then went to Starbucks and got me some to the music building at like 8 and Michael was there in the lobby so I hung out with him and studied and went to the A&A, etc....then i skipped music history and then was my theory test...which i don't think i did well on......after my theory test, i practiced and then took an itty bitty nap in the lobby......then was band.......then I went to taco bell with Daniel and Jesse and that was fun except i was passing out like the whole time......then me and Daniel went to psychology and i just wanted to sleep in his car but he made me go to class :( and i fell asleep right when i got in my seat and woke up 10 minutes before class ended....just in time to take and attendance quiz :).........then he brought me back to my dorm and i crashed for 3 hours.......then woke up and TALKED TO DOUG!! YAY! he finally talked to me.....still a little sketchy but oh well......then i went to trumpet night and it was good...then a buncha us went to Applebee's and that was fun......and now i'm going to bed goodnight

No sleep.....

Today was very interesting......i didn't sleep any whatsoever last night.....procrastined way too much by watching Friends season 6 and Aladdin and talking to Renee (which is a good thing) and i took a shower at 6:30 then went to Starbucks and got me some to the music building at like 8 and Michael was there in the lobby so I hung out with him and studied and went to the A&A, etc....then i skipped music history and then was my theory test...which i don't think i did well on......after my theory test, i practiced and then took an itty bitty nap in the lobby......then was band.......then I went to taco bell with Daniel and Jesse and that was fun except i was passing out like the whole time......then me and Daniel went to psychology and i just wanted to sleep in his car but he made me go to class :( and i fell asleep right when i got in my seat and woke up 10 minutes before class ended....just in time to take and attendance quiz :).........then he brought me back to my dorm and i crashed for 3 hours.......then woke up and TALKED TO DOUG!! YAY! he finally talked to me.....still a little sketchy but oh well......then i went to trumpet night and it was good...then a buncha us went to Applebee's and that was fun......and now i'm going to bed goodnight

Sunday, March 06, 2005

So it HAS been working...

enh well you get to read about my weekend twice....enjoy.

Highlight of my weekend: David Pegal at a party DRUNK.

Yeah well my long post about my weekend got deleted. I'm pissed now. Oh well screw it.

1. Went to the park with Sheridin.
2. Moe's with Tiff, Lauren, Rachel, and Ashleigh.
3. Bowling with Lauren, Rachel, and Ashleigh.
4. Beat Lauren in pool twice.
5. Walmart with Renee and Tiff: layed on the futons, bought Bambi, and an MP3 player.
6. Watched Bambi.
7. Had a huge scare involving 5 black men that I thought were going to hurt me at 4 am while trying to park.

1. Woke up at 3 pm.
2. Washed my sheets and comforter.
3. Watched Friends-6th season.
4. Went to Vicki's party: David Pegal was drunk.
5. Made phone calls to Sarah and Doug ACTING drunk.
6. Doug actually thinks I was drunk. Won't talk to me.
7. IHOP with Tiff after the party.

1. Woke up at 3 pm again.
2. Procrastinated.
3. Ate with Tiff.
4. Called Jen and talked to her for 20 minutes.
5. Now updating this thing.

P.S. Doug won't talk to me. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Why won't he believe me??? Why??? He practically knows me better than mostly everyone! So why won't he believe me?? Well, he could atleast talk to me. This is gay, just gay.

Highlight of my weekend: David Pegal at a party DRUNK.

It's been a good few days. I've finally gotten HAPPY again...I'm glad that "down" stage is gone (alteast I think so..). I've been getting along with Renee this weekend. That's awesome, it makes me really happy. But

Friday kinda sucked...well atleast in classes because the Lady Vol pep band went to South Carolina for the tournament so a lot of the people that make my day were gone so it was really boring. And then it came time to go to psychology and i ended up going and sitting by myself cuz Daniel is in the pep band. I missed him....i was very bored. But after psych, Sheridin took me to the park that she always goes to and omgosh the neighborhood that it's in is B-E-A-UTIFUL. Like people are jogging everywhere....dogs reminded me of home and it was really nice to get off this campus and go somewhere besides walmart, the mall, or a party, or just down Kingston Pike. (not that I don't like the campus...because I do). But yeah it was really nice. Then we came back and I went to Moe's with Lauren, Rachel, Ashleigh, and Tiffany and that was fun. I had never met Ashleigh before and she was really nice. Then Tiff left and the 4 of us went to Clement and hung out in Ashleigh's room for a while and let's just say her roommate is very interesting so that was fun....hahaha.....then we went bowling in the UC and I completely sucked and this kid was like yelling at me lol then me and Lauren played 2 games of pool and I won both of them! :)...then after that I came back up to the room because I was gonna study but Doug called and I talked to him for 20 minutes or so then decided to go to Walmart with Tiff and Renee. It was a very successful trip (it should have been since it took liek 2 freakin hours lol) I came away with BAMBI(!!!), an MP3 player, a disposable camera, and 2 pairs of sandals. Then we came back the room and watched Bambi and left my car parked out in front of Hess. Bambi is the cutest movie EVER. After the movie ended it was 4 am i think and I drove Tiff back to Morrill then had a run-in with 5 black guys.......definately the scariest moment of my life...note to self:: 4 am on a saturday morning....DON'T BE BY YOURSELF SARAH....omgosh it was so scary....

i didn't wake up saturday morning till 3 pm hahaha....i did absolutely nothing except for this :cleaned like a mad-woman! (i even washed my sheets and comforter)...go me..then around 10 I decided to get out of the dorm and go out...good decision...i went to Vicki's party with Erin and her friend ( I already forgot the name...) and it was reaaallllly fun....still didn't drink but I don't need to...cuz all the drunk personas play off on me and i loosen up...well I decide to call Doug and Sarah ACTING like i'm drunk...and well i guess it worked cuz they both actually thought I was....and Doug is mad at me and I think Sarah was a lil weird about it...till she found out I was completely sober. But Doug still doesn't believe me I don't think. After all, he won't talk to me...

but anyways:::highlight of like FOREVER:::David Pegal was at Vicki's and he was def drunk as anything omgosh. So anyways, me and Tiffany left the party around 2 and went to IHOP and talked about abuncha stuff...IHOP=good times. Then we got back to campus around 4 and Renee got in about that time....well she doesn't remember lol, but i do.

So today I didn't wake up till 3...i actually some intentions of going to church this morning....didn't happen....I did do a devotional today, so that semi-counts? I dunno...anywho....I went to dinner with Tiffany at like 6:30 then came back and called Jen and talked to her for 20 minutes. I LOVE YOU JEN! And now I'm about to study for my theory test that I have tomorrow. After all, I've been procrastinating all day.....

Friday, March 04, 2005


So I've been resetting my alarm over and over since 7 it's after 9....haha....pleasant morning so far though. Sarah texted me a few times and I finally picked up my Bible to read. I haven't read it in a's verse freakin smacked me in the face.

James 1:19-20: "My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires."

I've been really angry this semester. It's just this constant unsettling feeling of anger stowed deep down, and I don't know how to let it out. Well, to let it out and keep it out. People tell me to think before I speak, well I need to LISTEN before I speak, because I forgot that feeling I get when I listen. It's this calm, reassuring "i'm here." feeling and it lifts every burden off my shoulders and makes me TRULY smile.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I woke up to a special message from Anne-Marie this morning :)

Ame000: i have a couple of props to give you: a) fuck yea for bringing back the phrase "read it and weep" b) hell yea for totally bashing that bitch in your blog (in a general sense) c) the ending part about driving sounded like a supreme diss (so props to that one) d) changing the background and text of your blog to look more sophisticated/scrollish --- thats hot. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST e) WRITING YOUR ENTRY AT 2 AM IN THE F*N MORNING... way to go insomniac!!! *but i still love you, hope you had sweet dreams*

This is goodbye.

You are pathetic. You live in a fantasy world and can't face reality. You say I'm immature? Look at yourself. Who are you? You aren't the sweet person I once knew. I don't know who you are anymore. Go ahead and forget the last 4 1/2 years of your life. Forget who was always there for you. Forget the good times you had with the people who dropped just about everything when you needed something. Keep acting like this doesn't hurt you, and it may not right now, but when summer is here and you have to come home, you will realize what you've lost. You'll see the big part of your life that is gone.

Me? I'm not afraid to say it hurts and I'll miss you. Well, I'll miss the old you, not the person that you are now. Eventually, though, it will pass and it won't hurt as much. You should know, though, that IF you do happen to want the friendship back, eventually, I won't be your typical "push-over" or "doormat" that you think I am. I won't jump at the chance of letting you walk back into my life.

I should say thank you, though, for all the happy times you have given me. I think about them and it hurts. It hurts so much. The memories are still in my mind, but I will eventually let them go, since you have let me go. I won't let go so quickly, though.

I guess this is goodbye. I might see you at a reunion, if you can drive by then.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Feeling Used

a friend: what time is your first class in the morning?
bigorangeplumb08: why?
friend:b/c I either need 5 dollars or a dd to drive my jeep tonight
friend: lol
bigorangeplumb08: i'm confused
friend: I'm going to a friend's 21st birthday party tonight...and she's getting me some vodka...we're getting drunk...I'm not driving back drunk...and I need gas money...I can find a dd if you can't do it but I need 5 dollars for gas...I can pay you back tomorrow

El blah

Yea so my day was aight.........woke up at 6:45 am and did my theory homework (finally did some homework), then went to music history (first time going to class in like a long time), then theory, then played phantom of the opera on the piano for like an hour, then went to band (we hae FREAKIN AWESOME new music)...then came back to the dorm and skipped psych and took a 4 hour nap....then got really sad about something and cried to doug...and now i'm watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

Hmm i should do my laundry....that's what commercials are for, though.

American Idol comes on in 10 minutes, then Sex and the City.....good show, good show.

Knoxville's Version of a Winter Wonderland

It's snowing!!!! Well, i mean, it snowed all day, but now IT'S STICKING!! I wish there was some way we could get out of school...:(....

So tonight was our band parents came up from Nashville....i took them to Pita Pit (and they paid haha) and then got ready and went to the concert and it was fun....sat with them after i got done playing then they drove me back to my dorm and left...i'm really happy they came...not many other parents would drive 3 hours just to see their kid's stupid band concert...

I just got done watching "First Daughter"..i rented it from downatairs....good movie...1/2 copy of Chasing was a sweet movie though, but Katie Holmes kind of gets annoying at times...on every show....she's too freakin sweet and innocent...gah...

Aight I think i'm going to bed now...i should do theory because i'm mucho behind on that, so who knows?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My Friends are freaking awesome....

I"m in the library and i'm sick of studying, so i think it's break time...

I GOT A 40/50 ON MY PSYCHOLOGY TEST TODAY!! HOOOORAH! (that's an 80%--a B!!)

Ok so now i'm gonna talk about my weekend at home....i skipped psych friday and got home around 4:30 and went to Sarah's house and hung out with her till 7, when she left to go to the symphony...i hung around the house till Jen came and PICKED ME UP....yep yep i didn't drive!!...anywho we decided to make a surprise visit to Doug's house and that was his parents think i'm weird, but Jenny the dog is sooooo cute!! omgosh i want to keep her!! we picked up Carrie (WE'RE GETTING ALONG NOW!! WE'RE GOOD FRIENDS AGAIN!!!---that'll be a whole separate paragraph though...) and went and met Jessie at Opry Mills to see The Wedding Date. It was good. We sat with Hillary in the theater and aww it was so goooood to see her!....but yeah then Jessie drove me back to Sarah's and i spent the night there...she was back from the symphony of course. Jess and me talked in the car in the driveway for a long time before i got out. Awesomeness. So the next morning my rents won't stop calling me trying to wake me up and i eventually got up at 11, drove home (it took an hour to get there because of Bell Rd. construction traffic arg!)...then i got ready and went to Hannah Forrester's wedding with the was a beautiful wedding...i was happy to tears for her...gosh i've all of a sudden become some huge crier...don't know why. After the wedding, my parents dropped me off at Perk Central, where i met Holly and Craig, and Emily and it was wonderful to be there. But, omgosh! It was perk central's last day!!! i can't believe they're leaving!! I don't know where we'll hang out now :( then we went to Craig's house and hung out there and my dad picked me up and took me home...and i practiced and napped and ate dinner with my rents. Then i met Doug and Andrew at Walmart and hopped in their car and we went to Rivergate Mall to shop for them. It was fun (well except for Andrew's racism, sexism, and gayism?, yeah...)....after that, we went to Ashley Bernard's house to see Jen and hung out there for a long time (i had my Krystal bites :) )...then Doug's mom calls and wants Andrew home...which was gay because it was only like yeah...Doug made up some lie about where he had been blah blah felt like high school...well they dropped me back off at Walmart at my car and i got a good hug with a genuine "thank you for coming home this weekend" that was nice...well i was bored and didn't want to go home yet so I called Holly to see where she was and she was at Waffle House on the other side of town....i drove over there (and got lost because i haven't driven around Overton area in so long...)...i got there and it was holly, katie p., craig, bj, and christopher...but we left right when i got and holly took katie home then headed to Holly's house...and me and holly just got to talking and so i just decided to spend the night with her and it was fun :)...the next morning, rents call to wake me up (they don't realize i wake myself up now since i'm in uhh COLLEGE)...i go home, get ready for church, skip sunday school, show up late to service...sat with Jen and Sarah...i love my church :)...everyone was there on was cool...i talked to Carrie for a lil after the service and then Jessie and me and sarah and Jessie did our "sandwich" hug :) i love my girls...then i was driving away and Spencer Yonce backed into my car his brand new van with like all his kids in car's fine though...woot...i drove home and ate and packed and only had like one tear when i left for knoxville...because i was calling people about psychology from the moment i pulled onto the main road lol...i was still very sad though :'(....

so that was my weekend...---here's about how awesome it was though:

1)Me and Carrie Flygirl are friends again!! You don't know how much this means to me!! She left me an im message like last wednesday and it was sweet, then i talked to her on im thursday night and called her on my way home on friday and talked for like 20 minutes, and then of course hung out friday don't understand how hard and long it's been....i love that girl soooo much

2)Jessie and I had an awesome talk in her car and it just reminds me of how close we are, even though we don't talk all the time, but I love my Jessie :)

3)I absolutley loved seeing Holly this weekend....i really really did....(she has an engagement ring! yay!)...i was sitting on her bed and i asked her "holly, what did we talk about when we were in 9th grade?" and she said "boys..." hahaha it was funny....we still talk about boys, but in a different way now lol....but i remember in 9th and 10th grade how i would spend the night...but then i didn't like at all 11th or 12th grade, and ive spent the night with her this year more than i ever have...interestingly...but it's nice :)

4)No problems with Sarah this weekend! Everything was good and happy!--and Sarah, thank you so much for taking the first step in mending those friendships for me. That means so much and i'm alot happier now :)...i know i may have seemed selfish, but i wouldn't have asked you to do it if it didn't hurt me--my best friends not getting along with each other. Thank you so much.