Friday, April 29, 2005

ANNNND classes are over

So yeah...classes have been over for the past 2 days and I've done a whole bunch of nothing...

Thursday I slept till like 1, then went to the Grill with Josh and he came back to hess and showed me some reealllly funny videos of him when he was younger, then he left for Gatlinburg, and Sam came up later for a few minutes later (he had to do something for Phi Mu Alpha) and I fell asleep till 10 frickin pm....i completely wasted that day....and I stayed up all night doing nothing in the room....

Today, I slept till 2, then went to the music building and rehearsed with Brian....he's the most gorgeous guy ever....too bad he's gay lol Anywho, I did really well, surprisingly. Haha Calvin was like THAT;S THE BEST YOU'VE EVER PLAYED IT....and I haven't practiced it since horn day, which was 4 weeks after that, I walked (in the rain....) to circle park and cancelled my housing contract with the university (b/c of crossing place wooooot) then I went and watched Just Married and Home on the Range with Sheridin and Kelly haha.....then had dinner and watched The Notebook with Tiffany and now i'm back in my dorm and me, tiff, renee, and ame are watched Moulin Rouge and being stupid...

Now I have to go pack to go to my grandma's house....her birthday party is on sunday and my fam is picking my up in a few i won't be back until sunday night....grr

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I love you guys!

Ok so tonight was so freakin was our horn section (from sym band) prom thingy hehe....Josh bought us all roses and did the whole opening the door thing it was funnnn .....we ate at macaroni grill and then hung out at haley and ashley's apartment and yeah.....i have here they are...

p.s. i got these pics from haley since i don't have a camera...thanks haley :)

In the car on the way to Macaroni Grill....i'm lovin the flower lol....look at Josh's's all stripey

Josh with Cori's sunglasses on.....Josh had a really cool was all stripey and vestey

Haley and Ashley and the dinner table....p.s. we had the coolest waiter named Kory

Ashley and Michelle....another person with an actual prom dress on

Cori, Jenna, Josh, and Me.....Cori actually had a prom dress on..

Me, Michelle, and Jenna at Macaroni Grill...Michelle's pimpin those glasses lol

I was covering up cleavage with that animal thing and i can't really explain the bow....i'm just weird lol

Michelle and her rose :)

We played ers and spoons and they were very violent, loud games.....then we watched Little Mermaid and gained new insights from the movie haha

in closing, these are the most awesome people you will ever meet and tomorrow is that last day we'll be together in this setting :(----sadness

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

IM's that make me smile in the middle of the night lol:

POTSdm2004: sorry, had a brain fart there
bigorangeplumb08: you pulled a sarah haha
POTSdm2004: yeah, actually I did
POTSdm2004: ;-)
bigorangeplumb08: well i'm out
bigorangeplumb08: i'm bout to fall over
POTSdm2004: me too, i'm tired as hell
bigorangeplumb08: get that sleep ho
bigorangeplumb08: don't stop, get it get it
bigorangeplumb08: haha!
POTSdm2004: but hey, no matter how much fun I make of you, you know u cool in my book
POTSdm2004: crazy ass

#2-Tiffany (away message)
tiffers68173:after a long ass nite of paper writing, im goin to bed w/a smile.........
i love you sarah! ur a great friend to have , thanxs for being there

Monday, April 25, 2005

A Recap of Events Good and Bad of My Freshman Year in College

Today was a happy day, for the most part :) I'm kinda sad school's gonna be out in a week. I don't wanna leave :( I'm gonna miss everybody LOADS and I dunno....I've also been thinking about how I have that much time left with Renee and it really sucks how us rooming together was a disaster and ruined our friendship.

This has been the best year and the worst year of my life.

It was/is the worst because of all the changes that were bound to happen eventually. It seems like the friendships I thought would never change have completely changed or just aren't there anymore.

Starting with Renee, that situation is just sad and while we can still carry on a conversation on a good day, the bad days are just bad.

Then there's Elizabeth. I guess that friendship just wasn't really meant to be. I still think about her every day, and miss her tons when I think too much. I've thought about calling but I have no idea what I would say and I don't know her anymore so I don't know what SHE would say.

Back in October, I lost Carrie, and that was really difficult, but that's not a problem anymore. Everything is better with us.

Then there's Sarah. Things aren't good right now, but I'm praying that everything will get better. I can't stand to lose her. I can't be anything but a bestest friend with her. I can't bare the thought that things could be changing. But I can't do anything about it. We never really had a talk-on-the-phone relationship becasue we were always together, so that's why it's so hard without her. I can't just run home to sort out the friendship face-to-face and it keeps getting worse. And it makes me sick almost to think that I could lose her. I pray that that will never happen.

When it comes to me personally, some things have sucked. I have become this roller coaster of emotions: more than I ever was. I regret not trying my hardest in all my classes and dropping anything that I thought I couldn't handle or didn't want to get out of bed to go to. High school doesn't prepare you for college. Common sense prepares you. It's not the booksmarts. Booksmarts won't make friends for you. They won't keep you from spending too much money. That's another thing. I can't control a budget and I hate having to run to daddy everytime I need money for gas to get back home.

Now,for the better things. The people here are amazing and I'm glad I'm staying at UT. The School of Music is like a small high school. Everyone basically knows everyone, and you have all the regular gossip, bashing, love triangles, and lazy slackers skipping class to ust sit in the lobby and do absolutely nothing for that hour. I love the friends I have made here. Tiffany and Sheridin are the best girl friends I have here.

I'm complete opposites of Tiff, but somehow we get along so well. She's my dinner buddy, my library buddy, my tennis buddy, and my doing nothing buddy. We didn't really get to know each other until the Cotton Bowl trip, but it's been a happy semester with her.

Sheridin is exactly like me. I run( down to her room) to her for every rant and freak out that I have and somehow she's not sick of me. I can always count on her...even if it's 6 am on a Sunday morning and I need somewhere to sleep lol I can't wait to live with her next year! It'll be a blast.

Also, Kelly was in on most of the rants and somehow they still open their door to me. I can't wait to live with her either! We're all going to have so much fun!

I'm gonna miss seeing Anne-Marie and Renee all the time next year. I'll miss coming into my dorm room in the middle of the day and seeing ame sitting there with her salad using our tv because she can't stand her room lol And I'll miss tucking Renee in when she's passed out lol and our occasionally long talks about stuff in the middle of the night. lol

I've also met the most awesome guy (next to Doug): Josh. God knows we've had our ups and downs PLENTY of times, but in the end it's all good. He is responsible for reminding me that I can't forget God and everything He does. He gave a boost to me getting back on track with God, which is another thing that made this year wonderful: that feeling you get when you know God will take care of all your problems. I can also talk to that guy for hours upon hours about the deepest things. He's one of the only people I've REALLY opened up to this year about everything.

Also, my horn section in symphonic band. Oh my gosh, Josh, Cori, Michelle, Ashley,and Haley are the most awesome group of people EVER! Dinner every week after sectionals would be 2 1/2 hours of non stop laughing/helping Josh figure out girls lol! I'm gonna miss them so much next year. Almost everyone is quitting.

I'm especially gonna miss Cori. I've known her since high school (here and there lol) and I've sat next to her all year and we have so much fun pissing of Dr. Powell and making Josh yell at us lol **Don't ruin the mood** and **I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING** (quoting Josh) and then **HORNS YOU'RE PISSING ME OFF!!!** (quoting Dr. Powell) hehe so many memories...I'm gonna miss my Cori Wori.

And Haley has also been a good friend to me. She has made it clear that I can talk to her about anything. She won't be judgemental and all that crap....she just listens. (over nachos at A&A)

Daniel is a guy that I've really come to enjoy being around. We always hung out before and after psychology, but now we have more than psychology in common, and I think of him as a good friend, who I look forward to seeing.

Sam was my first friend at UT. I came to really trust him really quickly, like in band camp...and everything was good. Then in my opinion, we had a falling out, but now we're back. He makes me laugh and he just makes my day brighter and is my theory buddy for life!!! haha I love the Samster!

Then you have the Barber Shop boys of the coke lobby that even though I may say it's annoying, they *brighten* my day like no other. They sing just about every song with **plumb** and they actually PREPARE songs to sing as I come in the lobby. Some of them even play the theme on their horns when I walk in the bandroom....haha! Also, the constant teasing of the Plumb....well it makes me smile, and hey, I walk right into the jokes...i'll admit that lol So, cheers to you boys, who my day wouldn't be complete without:: TJ, Jeremy, Eric (you can do anything with the name plumb lol...plumbs of wrath,, Matt, Adam Wright, Adam Stokes, David.

Then you have Tripp, who calls me "Plumb-blumb" and who's pervertedness makes me smile, and Michael/Mike, who calls me "pickle", and Mike and Grogan, who's harrassment on me before scale juries *did* help. And me and Horwat's hate-hate relationship:::still makes me smile. And me and Turley's fights about him smoking ::they will never be forgotten lol::

I truly love the music department. It rocks my socks off.

Back on the homefront, I have gotten closer to many people.

I have gotten alot closer to Jen this year. I've come to consider her one of my best friends. Also, I've talked to Andrew Miller more than I ever really did before. And Bowman and I...that's one of those relationships that isn't the strongest, but it will always be there.

I've gotten TONS closer to Holly. With my trips to Chattanooga and her's to Knoxville, our friendship has beem renewed. I love that girl with every little piece of my heart.

Jessie and I have also, strangely, gotten closer. We don't talk as much as we used to, but I think we're more on the same level now, more than in high school. Another person I love to DEATH.

The relationship that has changed the most this year is me and Doug's. We have gotten incredibly close and I can't even explain how I feel about our friendship. I've never had anyone care for me the way he does. (it's different with guys than girls). He would do anything for me and I look forward to what's to come in our friendship.

Now on the other stuff. I love the marching band here. There's NOTHING like marching pregame to 108,000 people singing Rocky Top as you play it. NOTHING LIKE IT. There's nothing like marching by the President of The United States and watching him dance and sing to Rocky Top at the inaugural parade. Even Kerry fans liked Bush after that lol It's unexplainable the feeling you get when a little girl comes running up to you wanting your autograph haha There's nothing like it. If there was anything keeping me at this school, it is that. Nowhere else can you go toso many different cities and GAIN money lol. But that's not the point. It may be only 1 hour of credit, but it's a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

I've matured since I came here. I have different and better perspectives on everything now. I still don't have the best grades, but I'm trying more than I thought I would. I've learned to be away from home, and that life can go on without my best friends being 2o minutes away. It took a while to get used to, but hey, Im fine now. My relationship with God has gotten very strong. Without having a best friend's shoulder to cry on, I've learned that if I get off my butt and go to God, it's amazing how **wonderful** he is. He is the only thing that has really gotten me through the really tough times. But in closing I can't being to explain the changes that I've gone through in only one year.

**This has been extremely long....thanks for reading!!! haha!!**

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Y tu mama

I just got done watching a Spanish movie with subtitles. It's called Y Tu Mama Tambien and it's basically a bunch of sex. Hmm. Anywho, I'm really bored and I have nothing to do.

So anyways, I really wanna see that movie, "Alot Like Love". I'm thinking it's a really cute story and I reallllly wanna see it....I wanted to see it this weekend but me and sher and kelly and tiffany are all gonna go see it together and Kelly had to go to Roanoke this weekend cuz her grandpa had a heart attack. That's really sad, but yeah...she wasn't here to go with us, so we have to wait till wednesday or something now.

So last night was kinda crappy...I finally got to bed around 5:30 and right as I"m about to fall asleep, Renee gets back from Carousel and has some dude with her and well it just felt like when she was with Josh again. I was like what am i supposed to do here? I kinda wanna stay in my bed, but I really don't wanna lay here and listen to them do whatever they i left and banged on Sheridin's door at 6 am so I could sleep in there....I don't think she was very happy that I had woken her up lol but I was desperate to find somewhere to Sheridin, if you read this:: Thank you so much!!! I know I can count on you for anything!

chic flicks and pizza

So today, what did I get done? Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Well I cleaned up my side of the room so you can walk in here now lol...But yeah...woke up today at like 12:30, then me Tiff at presidential for lunch then came back to the dorm and layed around and watched Friends with Anne-Marie.......then ::Drumroll please:: the fire alarm went off and it was COLD and drizzling outside BLAH....i don't understand the weather here...yesterday I had on shorts and today I was cold in a hoodie...hmmm....but yeah then we came back in to Hess and I fell asleep (nothing out of the usual haha)...but yeah then woke up and cleaned and Sheridin and Tiff came over later and we had a chick flick with pizza night...we watched Bring It On and Center movies holla....but yeah...we're all poor so while Renee, Sam, Joey, and Anne-Marie were out at Carousel for a drag show, we had to stay in because we have no money :( But it was fun anyways. In the middle of Centerstage, I found out how to make my laptop work again and I HAVE INTERNET IN THE DORM....ahaha i was soooo anywho....

I talked to Jessie tonight and it was fun....we've been playing phone tag for like a week now, which is more talking that i've done with some people for the past 3 freaking weeks....but here's the deal....I just realized I don't give Jessie enough credit...she's awesome and I should treat her better

Also, this past week I've come to realize that I don't want to go home. I have no desire to go back to Nashville right now. I kinda I could move into Crossing Place now...I don't wanna deal with crap all summer from my family and my friends. This just kinda sucks. I've never had NO desire to go home. If things were better back there and I knew that shit wouldn't go on, I'd be fine, but there's a 50/50 chance...things could be good, or things could be bad.
Ah, well, it's 5 am....I should probably go to bed....

Me and cori...completely freaky

Me and Sheridin being dorks....and other people's hands are in the picture hmmmm

Josh looks high. and gay.

Me and cori...kind of a cleavage picture hahaha....believe it or not, i was laughing incredibly hard while taking this haha

josh.........this boy is wack

and again....

most awesome people again....cori, me, ashley, haley, and josh

all the horns (minus michelle)...these are the funnest people you will ever meet!

Haley likes her dress

aww Haley

Cori thinks she's sexy....HA

Ashley frowning for the camera

Me and cori at the band concert the other night....lovin my double chin

It's a drum major picture: Future head dm, this year's dm, and future assistant dm (Kelly, Kenon, and Jeremiah)

Kenon trying to be all pimp.....gotta love that man

Kelly and Smokey

Orange and White game last week...we didn't have to wear our uniforms HOLLA

horn picture from Waller's party a few weeks ago lol.....Michelle, Erin, me, Haley, Jenna, Cori, and Tim

Me and tiff at a party at Vicki's a few weeks ago.....i have no idea why i'm making that face

It's picture time!!!


I have internet back on my laptop!!!!! There IS hope for the world!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005



Tuesday, April 19, 2005


So I was definately RUDELY awakened by the darn fire alarm this morning, but it wasn't so bad because it was only 10 min. before my alarm was sposed to go off (9:55) haha man i love tuesdays......except when I get like no sleep....I was practicing and writing a paper all night last night, but it wasn't so bad because I was with Josh at the library and it was alot of fun, and we got to talk and I kinda got everything out about that situation and so it's good hostile feelings anymore lol....but it was really fun...we drew pictures of different kinds of ?uhh? beans! hahaha (IMA Bean, Frankenbean, Super Bean, Pinto Bean, Scuba Bean, and about 20 others...haha people are really weird at 3:30 am...all in all, it was nice to be with Josh again. When it comes down to it, I really *do* cherish that friendship.

I had lunch with Daniel, Jesse, and Emily yesterday and it was kinda depressing becasue we were talking about people dying. Daniel's grandparents are like gonna die any day now, so that sucks for him. They thought he was going to die on Sunday, so the whole family told him goodbye. I don't know if I could ever do that. I just don't have the strength to lose someone. Daniel is also someone I really enjoy being around. We always have something interesting to argue about lol. But yeah, that's another friendship that I like.

Back home, I don't know if the friends thing is going to well. Everything is fine with Doug and Jessie and Holly (everything's actually great with Holly...I went down to Chatt to visit her last week), but I never talk to Sarah, or rather it seems she never talks to me. And also, every time I talk to Jen, it just seems like she doesn't want to be talking to me. Gah, I don't know....Doug doesn't understand why I'm worrying about it while I'm in Knoxville...Nashville is where all the crap is, so if I'm not there, then there shouldn't be a problem. But he says I make myself keep dealing with shit over and over again. And yes, I'm sick of it, but I don't wanna lose people, and I want to make sure that if I lose someone, it's not my doing.

On a lighter note, my scales are a little better, but they're not up to par to pass the scale juries that are in THREE days....BLAH

Monday, April 18, 2005

Go Kelly!!

Kelly got drum major!!! I'm so proud of her!! Abuncha people are talking crap and like threatening to quit band because they don't want to be under a WOMAN......she's the first female drum major in the long history of this school....that's amazing....go Kelly!!

haha me and sheridin have been saying in a ditzy girly screamy voice ::"like omgosh!! we totally live with the drum major! like omgosh!!!"::: hahaha

on another note, i'm going to fail my scale juries on friday, i have a research paper due wednesday, i'm severely behind on theory, and i have a psych exam on friday, which i know nothing about....this week sucks

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Riding a piece of plywood on wheels 30 mph through the K-town hood

Yesterday was an interesting Saturday.....i woke up at freakin 7 am and took a shower then went emergency shopping at Kohl's for tennis shoes and khaki shorts....and they were having this huge sale from like 7-noon so that was kinda cool....well i get back to campus around 10 and change for the Orange and White game then headed down to watch part of the drum major was a dissapointing day....they cut Josh even before he got to conduct and he was BY FAR the best marcher out there...i guess there was more to it...well, Robbie got cut also (and he had the best strut, minus the flexed feet...) the Tim, Kelly, and Jeremiah moved on....then Tim got cut....and the final 2 are Kelly and Jeremiah...i'm really proud of Kelly...she'll alteast be the assistant drum major....well anyway...we went to the Orange and White game....BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME was retarded but it was nice to see everyone again and play Rocky Top lol...and there are some weird sunburns that went on out about 10 of us had to leave at halftime with Kenon to go do some stupid parade....but it was HILARIOUS....we were riding a black and gold (vandy colors...) float playing..and it was cool cuz e convinced Kenon to get off and do the strut for everyone and it was cool...well then the parade is over and we're riding the float back to where our cars were....we were going 30 miles an hour on a FLOAT through the "hood" of knoxville...omgosh it was the funnest thing EVER...and Kenon and TJ Jackson were scared they were gonna get shot lol...omgosh it was soooo funny!! we got nothing for doing the parade but it was a memory filled day lol

We got back around 8:30 and I went down to Sheridin and Kelly's room to tell her congrats on the drum major stuff cuz i hadn't had a chance to...and i walk in and Sheridin wasn't in there...but it was Kelly, her parents, and the other Kelly and then Ben and Kenon came and it was soo fun! Kelly;s parents are awesome and me and Ben and Kenon juct kept talking about how much fun the parade was.....then me, Sheridin, Renee, and Tiff went out for DINNER at ihop at 11 pm...late dinner, eh?...well it was loads of was nice all 4 of us being together again...

we get back at like 2 am and i ended up falling asleep in a butterfly chair in Sheridin's room and waking up at 8 in Kelly's bed.....i have no idea what happened there (Kelly wasn't in it or anything....) becasue it was really difficult to get out of that chair and i don't remember i went back up to my room and got in my bed and slept till 1, then ate br/unch at Pres with Anne Marie and Renee and now i'm gonna go practice..woot...maybe play tennis a little later (holla)........

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Long survey....i'm bored

I'm bored....and I haven't done a survey in a really long time.

01] Full name: Sarah Christine Plumb
[02] Nick Names: Sarah Poo. The Plumb. The Plumbster. Plumbie. Daisy May. Pooky. Any word you can make out of "plumb"
[03] IM screen names: bigorangeplumb08
[04] Age: 18
[05] Birthday: September 5
[06] Sex: Female.
[07] Where Do You Live: Home is Nashville, TN. School is in Knoxville, TN.
[08] Description of Yourself: wack
[09] Straight/Gay/Bi?: Straight.
[10] Shoe Size: 9ish
[11] Are You Tall or Short?: yeah uh short
[12] Siblings: Ah, the wonderful, newly 21 year old Bryan
[13] Pets: 3 cats at home---Webster, Daisy, and Lucy. Jerry died in January...he was our 4th cat.
[14] Friends Online: tons of AQUAINTANCES
[15] Eye/Hair Color: "dark auburn". according to the coloring
[16] Religion by birth: well, my parents raised me Baptist...

[01] Sport to Play: tennis and volleyball
[02] Sport to Watch: football, Tennessee basketball, beach volleyball, and tennis, if hot men are playing :)
[03] Colors: Pink, black, blue
[04] Subject: hmmm....psychology....and music-wise, I just like playing in general
[05] Clothing Brand: Old Navy, Gap, Kohl's and JcPenney (except that's not a brand....)
[06] Radio Station: Nashville: 88.7, 102.5. 107.5 Knoxville: 89.1, 102.1, 104.5
[07] Singer/ Group: Casting Crowns, The O.C. Supertones, Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill....dude I like most anything
[08] Ice Cream: butterfinger and strawberry and push pops
[09] Movies: Chasing Liberty, The Wedding Planner, Wimbledon, Braveheart, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc.
[10] Scary Movie: I hate scary movies.
[11] Favorite Day: friday...if it's sunny..and sunday...if it's sunny.
[12] Food: cheese
[13] Month: May....summer is just beginning, and it's not close to being over :)
[14] Holiday: Um can I call Winter Break a holiday??

Do you:
[01] Have a Crush: Kind of
[02] Would you bring someone from the dead?: what the &%$#??
[03] Would you go back in Time?: yeah....I'd like to see what it was like living in the medieval times, and also the 1800's

[01] Do you like school: not the schoolWORK part......but yeah college rocks.
[02] Do you like to talk on the phone: faces are better, but if I can't be with the person, then the phone will do...
[03] Do you have your own line: Cell phone.
[04] Do you like to Dance: i can't dance....but I'd like to think I try lol
[05] Have you ever gone Skinny dipping: in the ocean on the CHURCH senior trip w/Jessie....and in Sarah's pool a few times haha
[06] Have you ever thought you were going to die: i don't think so....
[07] Have you ever been high or drunk: nope
[08] Do you have any piercings: 2 holes in each ear
[09] Do you sleep with stuffed animals: i have an eeyore that holly gave me for christmas, and a bear elizabeth gave me a few years ago that I really like to sleep with
[10] Have you ever fractured/broken a bone: my ankle in 10th grade.....i tripped over the shot put railing HAHAHA....then i ripped some muscles wild caving last summer in the same ankle......
[11] Do you wear braces: yes, and they didn't do much good becauase I lost the retainers....
[13] Do you sing in the shower: it's a community shower, but I have songs going through my head.....sometimes i catch myself actually singing them though lol
[14] Have you ever stolen anything: haha yes
[15] What's on your ceiling: uhh i don't know...
[16] What's your worst injury: the recurring ankle injuries
[17] About growing up: what about it?
[18] Do you believe in love at first sight: horny at first site: yes. love at first site: no.
[19] Define love: When that person is all you can think about and no matter what they do to dissapoint you and piss you off, you wake up the next day as much in love as you were before they pissed you off. I have more, but I don't feel like being very deep right now.
[20] What do you wear to bed: shorts/pj pants, and a tank or a hoodie
[21] What's the best feeling in the world: aceing a test FINALLY, getting up early, watching the sunrise, and you're completely ready for the day, being with best friends.
[22] Do you think looks are important: depends on the person. personally, that aren't THAT important to me
[23] Are you happy: I'd like people to think I am.
[24] Tell me about your crush: which one???
[25] How many kids do you want: 2 or 3
[26] What's you least favorite food: i hate extremely spicy food.
[27] What are you wearing now: flip flops, jeans rolled up (because it's raining), a old nay shirt, and my blue Tennessee's an ugly day outside....
[28] What school do you go to: UT-Knox....rocky top rocks!
[29] Does it have good sports teams: football: heck yes, Lady vol basketball: frickin amazing when they don't lose to Michigan in the last minute of the national semifinal and make everyone's basketball sucks, and i don't really know about the other sports
[30] Did you have a homecoming: i don't know.....sad, isn't it?
[31] Are you spirited: well yeah...YIPPEEEE
[32] Who is the funniest person you know: Anne-Marie, and the symphonic band horn section: Josh, Cori, Me, Michelle, ashley, and Haley....all our stomachs ache from laughing so hard after dinner....
[33] What is your fav. stuff to do: play tennis, go to Walmart and blow my not-earned money, hang out with my friends, text message..instant message, and the like lol, bowling, go to movies, steak n shake blah blah blah
[34] Where do you like to hang out: Knox: the coke lobby of the music building with all the people that make me smile, sheridin and kelly's room where things happen that will NEVER leave that room, at the library with tiff......Nash: at my house with my brother there, at sarah's house, where, also, things happen that NEVER leave the house, at Opry Mills, at church, Riney's house, Steak n shake, and I could go on for days.....

[01]What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie? I can cry at anything. I'm Pathetic.
[02]If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done? boob reduction and upper lip implant :::DON'T JUDGE ME::::
[03]Do you have a completely irrational fear? that my best friends will die......hmmmm i'm such an optimist haha
[04]What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moment? rolling my eyes and saying something extremely stupid just to get a response
[05]Are you a pyromaniac? matches smell WONDERFUL
[06]Do you have too many love interests? i'm way picky...i used to have a ton though
[07]Do you know anyone famous? ME! ha no
[08]Describe your bed. Home: wonderful, bouncy, and squeky with a quilt and lots of pillows.......Knox: sucky flat bed, no bounce whatsoever, with sheets that don't fit the bed and not enough pillows
[09]Spontaneous or planned? a mix of both
[10]Do you know how to play poker? i suck really bad at it
[11]What do you carry with you at all times? Vol card, cell phone
[12]What do you miss most about being little? no drama.....happy all the time
[13]Are you happy with your given name? sure why not
[14]How much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year? probably alot
[15]Do you like yourself and believe in yourself? i like myself more times than not
[16]Do transient, homeless, or starving people bother you? if i don't have any money and they keey begging, then yes.
[17]Do you consider yourself to be a nice person? If i don't like a person, I can be real bitchy, but I'm usually nice.
[18]Do you spend more time with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your friends? the latter....considering i'm single lol
[19]What's one thing you wish you could do but can't? Be perfect. Never hurt anyone.
[20]What is your ideal marriage location? My church.
[21]Which musical instrument do you wish you could play? i wish i could play the piano better, but it would be cool to play the guitar
[22]What's your favorite fabric? flannel
[23]Something you love and hate? Love: My friends and my school. Hate: Ut police.....those freaks aag Their motto isn't "protect and serve". It's "ticket and tow".
[24]Do you tell your friends about your sex life? or lack thereof? depends on how good of a friend they are and how much I trust them.
[25]What's the one language you want to learn? Italian
[26]What do you order at a bar? coke haha
[27]Have you ever pierced your body parts? ears.
[28]Do you have tattoos? i wish
[29]Do you drive stick?if i only knew how...
[30]What's one trait you hate in a person? fakeness
[31]What kind of watch(es) do you wear? a carebear one Anne-Marie gave me for Christmas
[32]Most frivolous purchase? Prom dress
[33]Do you consider yourself materialistic? nope
[34]What do you cook the best? i can heat up spaghettios and make a killer pb&j samich, also a pretty nice plate of nachos and cheese lol
[35]Favorite writing instrument? pens???
[36]Do you prefer to stand out or blend in? a little bit of both
[37]What kind of books do you like to read? love stories :)
[38]If you won the lottery, what would you do? put it in my bank and live off it..
[39]What's one thing you're a sore loser at? losing at things i used to be really good at
[40]If you don't like a person, how do you show it? don't look at them, hoping they won't notice
[41]Do you cry in front of friends? heck yes
[42]What's one thing you like to do alone? get online, make crafts, watch Friends, listen to my music and write in my diary
[43]Are you a giver or a taker? both
[44]When's the last time you cried? last week with Sheridin, telling her how much I love my bestest friends....
[45]Favorite communication method? in person with some people, online with others.....
[46]How many drinks before you're tipsy? dunno...
[47]Favorite kind of porn? enh...
[48]Do you ever have to beg?for gas money from daddy...
[49]Have you ever done any illegal drugs? nope
[50]Do you think you're cute? yes :)
[51]Do you have problems changing clothes in front of friends? omgosh yes!
[52]What's the most painful experience you've ever had? i'm gonna be the sappy loser and go with heart broken

[01] First grade teacher's name: Ms. Downs
[02] Last word you said: K. Bye.
[03] Last song you sang: I have no many go through my head.
[04] Last person you hugged: I think Eric or Tripp probably hugged me last. But the last definate hug was my parents when I left Nash on Sunday
[05] Last thing you laughed at: the fact that i started snoring during hypnotism in psychology today haha
[06] Last time you said 'I love you': jokingly: on monday to Josh because I think I made him feel bad, last seriously: sarah and doug
[07] Last time you cried: last week with Sheridin.

[08] What's in your CD player: O.C. Supertones: Faith Like A Child (Sarah, you left it in my car lol)
[09] What color socks are you wearing: none!
[10] What's under your bed: some crap some dude left in 1988....
[11] What time did you wake up today: 8 am
[12] Current food: nothin
[13] Current hair: uncurled....just blowdryed and down
[14] Current clothes: jeans, flip flops and a hoodie
[15] Current annoyance: friends being stupid, and my ear won't stop itching, also, it won't stop raining
[16] Current longing: sun!
[17] Current computer wallpaper: nothing.....i'm in the library
[18] Current worry: whether I'll pass my scale juries or not
[19] Current hate: RAIN and gas prices
[20] Current excitement: Copper Cellar with Sheridin and Tiff tonight
[21] Current favorite article of clothing: hoodie HOES
[22] Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: Smile and Eyes
[23] Last CD that you bought: Leeanne Womack
[24] Favorite place to be: in the sun, and at the park
[25] Least favorite place: my dorm room or a practice room
[26] Time you wake up in the morning: 10 on tuesday and thursday, 9 ish MWF. and whenever my body wakes up on the weekend
[27] If you could play an instrument, what would it be: the guitar
[28] Favorite color: pink, black, blue
[29] Do you believe in an afterlife: heaven
[30] How tall are you: 5'4"
[31] Current favorite word/saying: i don't really have one
[32] Favorite book: The Guardian
[33] Favorite season: Spring and Summer
[34] One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Carrie Powers.....i lost touch with her many years ago, but she was my best friend till 7th grade

[36] Where do you want to go: Europe
[37] What is your career going to be like: gosh I still don't even know what I want to do.
[38] How many kids do you want: 2 or 3
[39] What kind of car will you have: a minivan.....i'm gonna be a cool soccer mom ghahaha
[40] Type a line you remember from any book: Do you think our love can take us Away together?? I think our love can do anything.
[41] A random lyric: Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase...
[42] Identify some things surrounding your computer: now i'm in sheridin't room, so there's her bed, her phone, a lamp and some books
[43] What's up: we're waiting on sheridin to finish getting ready and watching That 70's Show
[44] Said "I love you" and meant it?: I don't say it seriously, unless I mean it.
[45] Been to Florida?: A few times
[46] Hawaii?: No, but i want to
[47] Mexico?: No, thAT PLACE WOULD FREAK ME OUT.
[48] Danced naked?: my room by myself :)
[49] Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: Nope. Thank God.
[50] Had an imaginary friend?: Nope
[60] Do you do drugs?: No.
[61] Do you drink?: nope
[62] What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use?: Pantene Pro-v sheer volume
[63] Who is the last person who called you?: Tiffany

I deleted 64 because it was asked twice...

[65] If you could change anything about yourself what would that be? weight
[66] Been In Love?: maybe
[67] Do You Like Being Around People: depends on my mood...and depends on the person
[69] Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: christian guy
[70] Want Something You Don't Have Right Now: a digital camera
[71] Are You Lonely Right Now: Not really
[72] Do You Want To Get Married: duh

In the last 48 hours have you...

[73] Cried: No....surprisingly
[74] Bought Something: gas amd m&m's
[75] Gotten Sick: i've had cramps lol
[76] Sang: oh but DUH
[77] Said I Love You: i just did
[78] Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them: yes
[79] Met Someone New: yep
[80] Missed Someone: oh but DUH
[81] Hugged Someone: Yes.
[82] Kissed Someone: Holly doesn't really count i guess
[83] Fought With Your Parents: Nope

Long time, no see.

Wow. I haven't posted in a really long time....and some interesting things have happened: (well...interesting to me...)

1. My laptop is still down. Agh.

2. The french horn is whooping my arsch right now.

3. I had to play my first REAL solo, like just with a piano player, on horn day. I also had to pay 30 dollars for Brian to play for me.

4. I have an apartment next year! It's officially official! Sheridin, the 2 Kelly's, and me signed our leases and who knows how long we'll be living there? I can't wait! I'm so excited! Plus, I love those girls to death and know that it'll work out.

5. Scale-juries = omgosh I'm going to kill myself.

6. Psychology exam #3= 48/50...ROCK ON WOOOOT!

7. I went home this past weekend. Half of it was good, the other half sucked. A specific person should know why. Stop getting so freaking jealous. Doug hasn't stolen me. I'm sick of dealing with it everytime I come home, and people are sick of hearing me complain about it, so don't give me a reason to complain. And you basically making me choose makes things 10 times worse. And, if you still feel that he has stolen me away from you, think about the reasons a little bit. He tends to make me feel more wanted in the past few months. Also, college changes things. It changes my perspectives on things, and you won't understand until you get there. It has changed how I deal with things, the kinds of people I hang out with, but I never wanted it to change the relationship I had/hopefully will always have with you. It takes a great effort to keep this a long-distance "best-friend friendship" going. And more than one person has to put in the effort. I realize you're busy, but dude, we all are. That's where the extra effort part comes in. You have time to have a boyfriend, or whatever "guy" may be in the picture at the moment, without speaking to the best friend. You have time to have a best friend, without the boyfriend, but you don't have time to have both. You should make time. I don't know if you'll ever even read this. I highly doubt it, but atleast all my feelings are finally out.

On a happier note, this week has been good. Played lotsa tennis (till it started raining), got to hang out with Josh on Monday finally, and been seeing Haley alot also. Sheridin, Kelly, and Tiff also.....they are the shizz :) hahaha