Saturday, June 18, 2005

Annnnnd tonight we shall sleep at my house :-)

walmart stickers from tonight!

UTENSILS!!! (excuse the double chin....i'm just so excited...not)

i love this picture

me and sarah went to cracker barrel tonight....she's so excited, she's pulling on her ear..

drinking wax isn't so healthy


look at her...she can't get enough

ah yes, drinking the cup of salsa (except not really) at sarah's last night

wow sarah's a pig.....haha j/k

aww me happy (and extremely bored)

yo wassup

i'm holding up one of those space claws, if you can't find it, LOOK HARDER j/k :-)

i was only blow drying the air for the camera 2 am

Aww me sad, someone should hug me

mmm Renee loves her catfish (in my opinion, catfish is bleh)

this is what I do at Friends

Me and Renee went to Cracker Barrel on Wednesday night and Brittnye served us :-)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Elisabeth in the break room trying to fit her butt in a high chair...not gonna work, babe....haha this girl makes my day

Holly and Hilda at work...haha

I was late to church so I sat in the lobby takin weird pictures...

hmm....shall I concentrate on the road ? not

Sarah's dad had to put on a wig for losing some contest at bible school...and there's mrs. donna...playin a 5 year old

my eye


Welcome to Cracker Barrel...

This is the most awesome bed ever...I love it!

My sarah has turned devilish

I love my Sarah :)


made into a cartoon...

::Sarah:: right after I bought the trashy...eating at McDonalds in Walmart

Yea so I haven't had anything to post about lately......all i've done is worked all the time, did bible school at church last week and yeah......that's about it...nothin special...BUT i am going to north carolina to see tiffany in july ::woo hoos:: AND i have a new digital camera!!!! (i'm about to post some pics)...and none of them are very interesting cuz i haven't been anywhere interesting.....