Sunday, July 17, 2005

I finally made it to Tiff's~! we left for the beach the next day...(6/7)

it rained the entire way from nashville to Raleigh....there were like tornadoes all day and crap...this is just ONE of the wrecks I passed...

the was the best pic i could get while driving....some creek in VA

part og my roadtrip...this was right after i entered Virginia on the wat to Tiffany's :)

I'm so glad I got to see Josh last week...he's wacky hehe

josh looks like a little boy lol

my newly highlighted hair...i like it :-)

we got it goin on with gross makeup and glasses haha (beginning of july)

i had fun with the makeup hahahha!!! how gross that...(the highlights are sittin in my hurrrrr)

hehe we made a mohawk while we colored my hair hahaha...sarah is my hairdresser :-)

my hair before we highlighted it....(sometime in the beginning of july)

my eyebrows look wack from swimming....quite wack... (7/1-ish)

At Sarah's neighborhood pool... :-) holla (7/1ish...) was a very gloomy Sunday afternoon

omgod what is wrong with my brother.....(7/1-ish)

we're 2 abnormal kids....what can i say?? i think our mom came in a little after this and yelled at us for being up too late hahaha..(7/1-ish)

Bryan was home for the weekend.....he doesn't always look weird like (7/1-ish)

look at the sign that says "please keep hands off glass"...and then look at the kid's hands... (6/19 at Aquarium)

that donkey is adorbable

the seahorses are kissing heheh...this was kinda embarrassing because me and sarah's waiter walked up while this was happening lol (6/19)

someone hug me (6/19)

me and my new wristband thing.....(6/19)

the fishies at the aquarium on 6/19/05

the best license plate EVER

sarah's turn to wash...

washing the car...

the back of my car :-) it has personality lol

my wonderful car....before being washed...with Sarah sitting in it

Long time no type

i know i's ben a month since i've written in here...but there's nothing to write about...well there has been stuff but i haven't felt like writing...hmm last week i went to the beach with tiffany and swygert, and I saw Josh,Kenon, and Turley while on my trip :-) yay...the beach was super fun...and haha i went clubbin at Graham Central a few nights ago with some girls from times...well i'll just put up some pics...